We ship it: Top 5 TV OTPs or BROTPs


Whether you’re an avid fangirl or not, I am positive you have each squealed over a relationship or a friendship on your favorite show. I know I am guilty of such thing. In terms of fandom speak, this is called shipping of an OTP (one true pair) and BROTP (a friendship you love). Here are my top 5 favorite OTPs and BROTPS in no particular order:

Emma Swan and Killian Jones aka Hook (Once Upon a Time)Image result for emma and hook 6x12 kiss gifs

Full disclosure: Emma and Hook are my favorite OTP of all-time, so if I ramble, that’s why. Beginning in season 2, Emma could not stand the former villainous pirate. She wanted to stay as far away from him as possible, but Hook had other plans. His blatant flirting and innuendos did not instantly sway the blonde Savior. Thankfully by the season 3 finale, the couple shared their first REAL kiss (Neverland kiss was a ‘one-time thing’). Since then, the couple has battled a lot together. Hook confessed Emma as being his happy ending; Emma went to Hell to get him back after a tragic death; they were confirmed true love; and the couple moved in together in the beginning of season 6. Oh yeah, and Hook is planning to propose to Emma any time now. Suffice to say, Emma and Hook have grown a lot in their relationship. Neither character is perfect, but they each accept the dark pasts of one another.

David Nolan and Killian Jones (Once Upon a Time)Image result for david nolan and killian jones 6x12 gifs

Otherwise known as Captain Charming, these two friends did not get off to a great start. Obviously there was that whole issue of David being Prince Charming and Killian being Captain Hook. To say David didn’t trust Hook is an understatement. Between the punches and the snarky comments, David and Hook had a lot of warming up to do. Eventually, David saw how much his daughter cared for the pirate and saw that Hook had truly changed from his vengeful ways. As seen from episode 12 of season 6, (angst ahoy!) David has embraced Hook. Hook has always respected David, and he wanted to ensure that David knew that he wants to be a better man for Emma. How cute was the scene where David gave Hook his blessing to marry Emma?!

Liv Moore and Ravi Chakrabarti (iZombie)Image result for liv and ravi gifs

Okay, so I kind of really ship these two as more than friends, but I also adore them as just friends. Ravi was the first one to know about Liv’s undeadness, and he didn’t run away in fear. In fact, he embraced her and befriended her. They fight like brother and sister, but at the end of the day, they make a great team. Everyone could benefit with having a friend like Ravi. Liv didn’t have anyone that understood her as much as he did. Also, they’re just both really sassy characters. I’m excited to see more of their banter in the upcoming season!

Betty Cooper and Veronica Lodge (Riverdale)Image result for betty cooper and veronica lodge gifs

It’s the iconic good-girl and bad-girl best friend scenario. I am not fully caught up on the show (stupid college), but Betty and Veronica are the kind of best friends we all wish we had. Veronica helps to bring out Betty’s bad girl side, and Betty helps bring Veronica’s good girl. They are both each other’s support system, and they know they can always rely on each other. My favorite part of their friendship is when the two girls worked together to shut-down the guys in their school who tarnish girl’s names. Now that is some awesome girl power! I also love how they’re not too competitive over guys (if you read the original comics, they were catty). They don’t tear each other down which is refreshing!

Haley Dunphy and Andy Bailey (Modern Family)Related image

RIP to this OTP. Haley and Andy’s relationship started as a scandalous affair. However, they eventually got together under acceptable circumstances. I love the cliché where the popular girl falls for the nerdy guy, and that is exactly what Andy and Haley exemplified. Their relationship was so cute, and they genuinely cared for one another. Unfortunately, they went their separate ways. I am still not over their breakup because I really wanted them to be endgame. I still have hope for them.

Whether you ship it or not, it’s always fun to swoon over your OTPs or laugh over your BROTPs. There are hundreds of ships in TV shows that I don’t even know about. What are your favorite OTPs or BROTPs? Sound off below!