Retrospective Recap: THE SUNDAY FILM CLUB Strikes Again at MCM Comic Con London 2022

The Sunday Film Club Presents: Behind The Scenes with Indie Filmmakers : Part 2 Panel : (Left to Right) Domingos Coxi, Gabrielle Wood, Darryl Ley, Valentina D’Annunzio, Michael Clayton Jr., Ros Gilman (Top). The Sunday Film Club Presents: The New Age of Filmmakers, Musicians & Creators Panel: Domingos Coxi , Anna Nokomis, Anna Mayers, Joseph Sciberras, Rosie Webb, Harry Baker, Daniel Colbert. (Bottom)

We take a retrospective look back as The Sunday Film Club returned with its founder, writer and host Domingos Coxi for back-to-back panels at MCM Comic Con London that took place in May and October 2022. The two panels were full of young talented filmmakers, musicians and creators, to educate, inform and inspire.

The Sunday Film Club Presents: Behind The Scenes with Indie Filmmakers : Part 2 Panel

Everybody loves a great sequel and the second part of the Behind the Scenes With Indie Filmmakers Panel was not one to be missed, hosted by The Sunday Film Club Founder Domingos Coxi. Last time we had the opportunity to delve about the entertainment industry with gifted independent creators and filmmakers: Sanchez, Valentina, Ros, Gabrielle, Michael and Darryl spoke about their experiences behind and in front of the camera and advice about the inner workings of the entertainment industry and how to navigate it. This time they dove deeper and broke down various fundamental parts that will give young potential filmmakers and creators more knowledge of pathways into the industry. Including tactics such as the script supervision with directors, actors, boom operators, camera operators interaction with other crew, an actors process, and how the music score is composed in the directors vision on set safety. Also discussed was traditional and social media coverage of film and TV and the different processes of getting independent films into festivals. We spoke about getting an agent in the UK and USA, the various unions for performers or crew members to be part of, more diversity and how that part can be improved, the influence of international content and more. We also discussed what needs to change to make the film/media/ TV industry more accessible and much more.

The Sunday Film Club Presents: The New Age of Filmmakers, Musicians & Creators Panel

Domingos Coxi (Host, Moderator, Writer and Founder of The Sunday Film Club) brought you a new panel of young, talented filmmakers, musicians and creators in this new age of modern entertainment in the social media era. They delved into the advantages that modern new age entertainers and creators of today have, and disadvantages. We find out more about the magic of visual effects artists today, the writing process of musicians, touring, podcasting, content writing, directing, film editing on indies and big features, film and TV productions etc. We explore the best modern ways and strategies to navigate various platforms such as YouTube, Instagram and much more. Anna Nokomis, Harry Baker, Anna Mayers, Joseph Sciberras, Daniel Colbert, and Rosie Webb will talk about their experiences and advice of how to navigate this digital era in front and behind the cameras of their respective fields. We explore the evolution of the entertainment industry in the last 30 years, and the effect on audiences. The panel also evaluate traditional media vs new age media, and how these changes in media have influenced their own mediums.

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