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Blog Tour: ‘Akata Warrior’ by Nnedi Okorafor & Giveaway

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After six years, the long-awaited sequel of Akata Witch finally releases earlier this month. Nnedi Okorafor reintroduces us to her beloved fantasy series with Akata Warrior.  A couple of months ago, I read Akata Witch and I instantly fell in love with its uncharted world building and Nigerian infused mythology. The culture is so vibrant, I’m […]

Roshani Chokshi Talks About Her Latest Novel ‘A Crown of Wishes’

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The Star-Touched Queen is one of Hollywood News Source’s favorite YA read last year. We were dazzled by the lush writing, skillful plot, and the slow-burn romance. Now, Roshani Chokshi returns with her sophomore novel, A Crown of Wishes. It’s the most awaited companion sequel of The-Star-Touched Queen.  Today, we have Chokshi who’ll be spilling some insider’s scoops about […]

S. Jae-Jones Talks About Her Debut Novel ‘Wintersong’

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Wintersong is the YA debut novel of S. Jae-Jones, it is inspired by David Bowie’s iconic film Labyrinth. It is set during the 19th century with a fairytale esque ambiance. The story follows Liesl, the girl who has genuine devotion to her family, who also has a mysterious and enigmatic connection with the Goblin King.  It […]