Listicle: Kdramas to Binge After Finishing Wicked Fox


When I first heard of the debut news of Kat Cho’s Wicked Fox, I instantly thought of ‘My Girlfriend is a Gumiho.’ I love that drama a lot that I even got my younger brother hooked to it; we would patiently wait every week for another episode. It become a family favorite. A month ago, I was lucky enough to receive an ARC of Wicked Fox from Penguin Teen. It was an exhilarating read, it felt like I was watching a Kdrama that I couldn’t get enough of.

The story follows Miyoung, she’s a high-school student from Seoul. She’s not like any an ordinary girl and that’s because she’s half human, half gumiho. Gumiho are supernatural creatures that originated from Korea, they’re nine-tailed foxes who are mostly women who are known to be very beautiful. They use seduction to lure men and devour them. Wicked Fox is about gumihos, shamans, and familial ties.

Similar to Korean dramas, the vein of the Wicked Fox is the main character exploration of freedom, self identity and love. And that’s why I’m recommending four Kdramas that has the same vibes as Wicked Fox. This will be a great primers to any readers that haven’t consume K-dramas. Without further ado:

Witch’s Love

Witch’s Love, image courtesy of MBN

The first on the list is Witch’s Love starring Yoon So-hee, Hyun Woo, and Lee Hong-bin. The story is about a three-generation modern witches exploring their humanity in a world where falling in love with a man will cost them their power. The tone of this drama is appropriate to the setting of Wicked Fox. Both dramas heavily focus on familial ties and their duties to their kind. The audience could expect lighthearted moments that will make them laugh and swoon. There’s hate-to-love pairing, love interest archetypes: chaebol hero and webtoon artist. What’s not to love? Honestly. 


Goblin, courtesy of tvN

The second on the list is Goblin, the cast includes star-studded artists. Despite being only released in 2016, this drama has quickly become a Hallyu staple. And there’s a reason for that, Goblin will make the viewers laugh, swoon, and cry. Repeat the cycle over again. Like Wicked Fox, this story features a dokkaebi (goblin) which is played by Gong Yoo with the additional portrayal of Lee Dong Wook as the grim reaper. The story will explore the history of how Yoo’s character became Goblin, there will be flashback scenes dated back to Goryeo era. Goblin will be the perfect substitute after Wicked Fox withdrawals. Lots of swooning and cute moments. 

Orange Marmalade

Orange Marmalade, courtesy of KBS2

The third on our list is Orange Marmalade, starring Yeo Jin-goo and Kim Seolhyun. Based on a webtoon of the same name, the story follows a transfer student Baek MaRi, who’s secretly a vampire. She will caught the eye of Jae-Min, who’s the popular student at her new school. Readers who are clamoring for more Miiyoung and Jihoon will appreciate Orange Marmalade. This drama share the same teenage urban fantasy angst. Both have romances with occasional comic relief paired with supernatural suspense. 

My Girlfriend is a Gumiho

My Girlfriend is a Gumiho, courtesy of KBS.

Last but not the least is My Girlfriend is a Gumiho. I know I already gave a shoutout about this drama on my introduction part, but just in case you haven’t watch it, this is a classic. If you want to watch a Kdrama about gumiho, look no further. This is the priority you have to try! Mi Ho, which was played by Shin Min Ah, is a gumiho who was stucked in a painting for 500 years. She was freed by aspiring actor Dae-woong (Lee Seunggi); she tricked him in teaching her how to become more human. Mi Ho is funny, and feisty; she’s quite the opposite of the heroine of Wicked Fox, Miyoung. I love My Girlfriend is a Gumiho because it didn’t disappoint in making the viewers feel something. 

I frankly have few more K-dramas to recommend like Oh! My Ghost, which features a timid heroine that got possessed by a lustful ghost that will seduce her snobbish boss chef. But for now this should be enough to quench the excitement for Wicked Fox’s release. 

Wicked Fox hit shelves on Tuesday, June 25.