‘The Bear’ Season 3 Review: Hungry for More


“The Bear” recently came back for their third season after two seasons full of chaos and new beginnings. This season, there was a bit of a slow down with the chaos — it was still there, but slightly more toned down.

Season 3 gave way to more backstories for the characters that we weren’t privy to in the first two seasons. I, for one, like to see more into the past of the characters.

We learned more about Tina’s backstory, which was actually really interesting. I liked seeing her walk into The Beef for the first time after losing her job and feeling the constant rejection of not being able to find a new opportunity. This episode really stuck out to me out of all ten episodes this season. Just when she was ready to give up, Mikey came up to her and started to chat with her. I loved seeing the two of them together, as it gave a glimpse into what their relationship was like when she worked with him. My heart really felt heavy seeing the two of them in a calm moment.

Overall, this season felt different, and I know I’ve read on the internet that you have to understand and appreciate art to enjoy this season. While I do love art and appreciate it, this season was a bit slow for my taste. Despite this, I did like the season for the most part. I was just waiting for the fast-pace that the show has shown to us the previous seasons, and I feel like we didn’t get much of that. Like I said, I still appreciate the artistic shots that were present throughout the season, and as a Chicago girl, I like seeing the city on display through different aspects.

What I did LOVE was Carmy confronting his bully (his former boss) in the season finale. This really gave closure, that I am sure most people can relate to. Everyone has that one person in their life, whether it be a boss or a school bully or whomever, that you’ve waited to confront for some closure. You saw the relief that Carmy felt after he told off his former boss, and it really showed growth in his character. It felt like a turning point in his character development. It’s time to treat your staff a little better, Carmy. But I do feel for Carmy — he’s going through a lot and trying his best to deal with it. I hope in the next season, he starts leaning on more people for support becaese he could use it.

As far as Sydney’s new job offer, that was quite the shock. I understand her hesitance for staying at The Bear and her eagerness to venture out and accept the other offer. Although, I do have a hunch on how that might all play out. Her character this season also grew, in my opinion. She was the level-headed leader that they needed at the restaurant.

Also, can we show some love for Natalie’s husband, Pete? Honestly, the nicest guy EVER!

Of course, we couldn’t end the season without a cliffhanger. From the look on Carmy’s face, I think he got what he wanted from that review. Woo! I hope this will all be a turning point going forward to mend fences with his team while still running a top-tiered restaurant. But come on, let us see that full review! I guess I’ll just have to tune in next season (obviously, I was going to anyway).

Stray thoughts and predictions for “The Bear” season 4:

  • I think Sydney will accept the other offer and Will Poulter’s character will step into her place. There’s for sure to be some kind of restaurant riff coming up.
  • The Faks are a funny addition, but why did we see more of them than any other character this season?
  • Claire will remain in Carmy’s past. I think he’ll have learned from that relationship and go from there.
  • Richie and Carmy need to make up! I miss their interactions when they’re not sparring or ignoring each other.
  • Jamie Lee Curtis is seriously so brilliant as Donna — I hope we see more of her next season.

So, what did we think of “The Bear” season 3? I need the next season, like now, but I guess I will have to wait another year. Sigh… Comment below your thoughts on season 3! Don’t forget to check out more from Hollywood News Source.