“Cobra Kai” Season 6 Grand Finale Teaser Trailer


Courtesy of Netflix, we got a sneak peek at the 6th and final series of Cobra Kai, including the dates of when the show will return to our screens. The quote below from John Kreese in Cobra Kai Season 2, I believe pretty much sums everything up connected to this season.

John Kreese“Everyone Closed The Book On Us. They Thought We Were Done. But Now They See That The Real Story’s Only Just Begun.”

Cobra Kai’s 6th season will be a 3-part series event which will premiere on July 18th, 2024. Part 2 will arrive on November 28th, 2024 and the third part of the grand finale will arrive in 2025. Each part will consist of 5 episodes each, 15 complete episodes for season 6. What is also interesting is that the new Karate Kid movie is now being released in 2025 which will feature Jackie Chan and Ralph Macchio. Could it be connected to the new season of Cobra Kai? We have covered and been with Cobra Kai since Season 1, and HNS will be there for the all action and high kicking grand finale of Season 6, all the way through until next year!

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