The Handmaid’s Tale Recap – Season 3, Episode 4

The Handmaid's Tale -- "God Bless the Child" - Episode 304 -- June negotiates a truce in the WaterfordsÕ fractured relationship. Janine oversteps with the Putnam family, and a still-healing Aunt Lydia offers a brutal public punishment. June (Elisabeth Moss), shown. (Photo by: Elly Dassas/Hulu)

The fourth episode of season 3 of The Handmaid’s Tale is now available on Hulu. The following recap contains episode spoilers!

Season 3, Episode 4: God Bless the Child

June attends a baptism for the babies of Gilead. During the ritual, she remembers her daughter Hannah’s baptism. With everyone gathered together, June also tries to understand her feelings for Commander Waterford, who attends the dedication alone. She knows she doesn’t love the man, but she doesn’t seem to hate him, either.

Following the ceremony, June and several other handmaids are welcomed to a reception at the Putnam household for baby Angela. Commander Waterford and Serena are both in attendance. June speaks with Serena, who has isolated herself from the rest of the group, and tries to convince her to lead the wives in creating change in Gilead. Commander Waterford also seeks out June for a private conversation. He tells her that he is worried about Serena. He realizes that his wife is not happy planting flowers and knitting. June suggests giving Serena more power behind the scenes to improve her mood.

June finds Serena smoking away from the rest of the party and tells her about her suggestion to the Commander. After this, Serena joins the reception with the wives and Commanders, which she had previously been avoiding. Janine interrupts the group and asks to hold baby Angela, which Mrs. Putnam allows. But soon, Janine speaks out of turn – asking the Putnams if she can rejoin their house. Aunt Lydia intervenes and beats her in front of the crowd. This punishment is very inappropriate in front of the wives and Commanders at the party. June throws herself over Janine to protect the other handmaid, which removes Aunt Lydia from her violent trance. The Aunt apologizes to the crowd for her behavior and exits the room, where she has a private meltdown. 

Serena speaks to June as the crowd leaves the Putnams’ house and tells her where to find Hannah’s school. Before departing, an Eye comes to speak with Commander Waterford and Serena. The Eye shows the Waterfords a video of their missing daughter attending a protest in Canada. They allow June to watch the video and she sees her husband holding Nichole. The Eye asks whether the man holding her is Luke, and she confirms that it is. Both June and Serena are overcome with emotion, finally seeing proof that the girl is safe.

In Canada, Emily shares an emotional reunion with her wife Sylvia and son Oliver. None of them are certain of how to proceed after such a long time apart. Meanwhile, Moira and Luke take baby Nichole to be baptized.

The pieces seem to be coming together for a true rebellion in Gilead. But there are still plenty of hurdles to overcome. Will the rebels be caught? What will their consequences be? And – perhaps most importantly for June – will she finally be able to rescue Hannah and escape across the northern border? Stay tuned for new episodes Wednesdays on Hulu and catch your weekly recaps here on Hollywood News Source!