Taylor Swift deets you all need


The new era of Taylor Swift is here. Gone are the snakes and dark colors. In exchange, it appears to be all butterflies and pastels. You don’t see me complaining over here. While I did love the dark Taylor Swift of the “Reputation” era, I don’t mind the “Lover” era.

Taylor Swift just went live on Instagram late last week, and she dropped some MAJOR news. And I mean, MAJOR news, you guys. Also, I need her entire wardrobe from the “You Need to Calm Down” music video. Just throwing that out there. 

Here’s what we know about Taylor Swift seven as reported by the queen herself as of today:

  • The album releases August 23, 2019. Yes, this year!
  • The album is entitled “Lover.”
  • Taylor Swift singlehandedly just reduced the fandom to screams of excitement, and I’m pretty sure she was the reason Instagram crashed last week.
  • Target will be releasing 4 deluxe albums at Target (Target is the real MVP, always).
  • I’m trying not to just buy all four deluxe albums from Target, but I will refrain because I have some chill left in me somewhere.
  • Stella McCarthy and Taylor are teaming up for something.
  • Taylor Swift is still the queen of the music industry. Quote me on that.
  • The “You Need to Calm Down” music video was, in typical Swift fashion, all kinds of fun with loads of cameos.
  • Ellen and Ryan Reynolds in her music video were all I ever needed in life.
  • Katy Perry and Taylor are officially friends now, as seen in the music video.
  • “You Need to Calm Down” is basically what I’m going to be telling everyone for the rest of the summer, so thank Taylor for that.

With a new album dropping this year, does this mean we can expect Taylor to go on tour next summer? Because if she is, I need to go. There are no other options — I will cancel whatever I have planned for next year just to go to the “Lover” concert. 



What do you think of all this news? Comment below and tell us what you loved about the new music video and album reveal!