‘One Of Us Is Lying’: Inside the Drive-In Finale Screening


One of Us Is Lying has been keeping us guessing with twists, turns, and deception all season long – and HNS had the chance to get an early look at the final two episodes at an exclusive drive-in event.

We headed over to Rooftop Cinema Club’s Santa Monica Airport location on Wednesday night to get in on all the action. After checking in, we settled into our parking spot and grabbed some snacks at the concession stand in time for the main event: a screening of the final two episodes of the season, including an early look at the finale, followed by a panel with stars Annalisa Cochrane (Addy), Chibuikem Uche (Cooper), Marianly Tejada (Bronwyn), Cooper van Grootel (Nate), Melissa Collazo (Maeve), and Jessica McLeod (Janae) – as well executive producers John Sacchi and Matt Groesch, and moderator Zuri Hall from Access Hollywood.

One of Us Is Lying is one of those shows that is just so much fun to watch with a crowd. Although everyone was socially distanced either in their cars or in lounge chairs with wireless headphones near the screen, you could feel the audience reacting to big moments – and there were PLENTY of those in these two episodes. Spoiler warning ahead: if you haven’t finished the season yet, go get on that before you continue reading!

The finale episode was a wild ride from start to finish, as the Murder Club solved one mystery only to land themselves in another. While Peacock has yet to renew the show for another season, I think we speak for all of the fans when we say we’re gonna need one!

Here are a few of our favorite moments from the finale:

1. The Murder Club crashes Jake’s Halloween party. I love a good heist, and this scene definitely falls into that category. Bronwyn, Nate, Cooper, and Janae don costumes to hide their identities and make their way into the party with the goal of accessing and/or stealing Simon’s Xbox so they can find out what’s on it and why Jake has it. Tensions are high as the group try to evade Jake’s notice and accomplish their mission.

2. Bronwyn and Nate kiss (!!). In the midst of all of the high-stakes heisting, Nate confronts Bronwyn about why she is risking her future for him. She reveals her feelings for Nate, and they share a kiss in the upstairs hallway. Though they are quickly interrupted by their friends to resume the Xbox heist, it was such a sweet moment – and makes us hope to see much more of Nate and Bronwyn together in a potential Season 2.

3. Addy turns the tables. While the beginning of the episode sees Addy seemingly falling into old patterns and being submissive to Jake – in everything from wearing the Halloween costume he wants to blowing off her Murder Club friends – after a run-in with Janae, Addy comes back around to the Light Side. She steals the key to the safe holding the Xbox from under Jake’s nose and helps her friends secure the bag (er… Xbox). Addy’s growth over the season has been incredible to see, and this act of independence and loyalty to her true friends was something we loved to witness.

4. The truth about Simon is revealed. As Jake chases Addy into the forest, the rest of the Murder Club not far behind, we FINALLY learn what really happened to Simon through a series of present-day and flashback moments. It’s a long and complicated story, but to sum it up, the peanut oil was Jake’s idea to frame the Murder Club friends for trying to kill Simon as revenge for Addy cheating (and some collateral damage, like taking Jake’s friend Cooper down a peg). When the day came, Jake changed the plan from dangerous prank to murder by stealing the extra epipens – both to frame Addy for the murder, and to get back at Simon for thinking he could cross Jake (Simon had recorded his conversations with Jake about the plan – helloooo, evidence.) This was all insane to see play out, especially because it marks a different ending from the book. Talk about a surprise reveal!

5. A new mystery begins. As we flash forward a few weeks, with Jake “missing” after being shot in the woods (not that the police know that), the charges against Nate potentially being dropped, and the Murder Club getting back into a new normal, each of the friends gets a mysterious text from “Simon Says.” “Do as I tell you. Or everyone will know what you did.” Consider us intrigued and in need of more OOUIL stat.

Following the screening, the cast and EPs took the stage for a conversation about that insane finale and the season as a whole. They discussed which twists surprised them the most, favorite moments (a lot of love for Nate and Bronwyn finally getting together and the shocking Jake reveal), and which character was the biggest liar (a few votes for Bronwyn, and some cute “sibling rivalry” between the actresses playing Bronwyn and Maeve).

We had a fabulous time at the drive-in, and encourage you to check out One of Us Is Lying if you haven’t already!

One of Us Is Lying is available now on Peacock.