Major TV 2022 moments we loved (and hated)


There were so many major TV 2022 moments!

As 2022 draws to end, there was a lot of TV to consume, which I am a fan of. Obviously. While some TV moments made us smile and cheer, other TV moments had us upset and mad. But isn’t that the point of TV — to garner a reaction?

Now, if you are behind on shows (“Abbott Elementary,” “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel,” “Ozark,” “She-Hulk” “The Boys,” “Killing Eve,” “Stranger Things” or “The Good Doctor,” proceed with caution because this will be a SPOILER ZONE.


  1. In “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel,” a moment we have all been waiting for: Midge and Lenny finally giving into their feelings for one another. The tension had been building for seasons, which I can totally appreciate. However, when they finally gave in to that tension, it was a pay off for loyal fans waiting for those two to realize they liked each other as more than friends. Now, we eagerly await for the final season!
  2. “Abbott Elementary” continues to provide us with tons of laughter, but there was a moment in particular that I can’t help but love. Speaking of tension, Jeanine and Gregory have had tension brewing since their characters first interacted. Though we didn’t get any proclamations of love or anything to that effect, Jeanine and Gregory dancing together in the club was a shove in the right direction. Make it canon already.
  3. I guess this would be more of an overall thing than just a moment, but I loved everything about “She-Hulk.” It had so much comedy and action that it kept me hooked. Plus, a female superhero? Yeah, I love to see it!
  4. “The Boys” continued to make me sick to my stomach. You may be thinking, “okay, why is this a love it moment?” If there’s one thing that show does well, (besides make me lose my appetite) it’s their ability to make you dislike the characters so strongly. They made Homelander so unlikable that I can’t help but applaud the writers. Seriously, I hate that guy.


  1. The ending of “Ozark!” The show was solid, and there was so much to like about it, but the ending just really irked me. Ruth had definitely been my favorite character, so I was bummed to see her meet her end. I knew not everyone would make it out alive, but still. Also, the ending with Jonah made me mad, too. Even though the ending is left to your imagination, I wish they would’ve just spelled it out for me, but come on, Jonah. I thought you might have been the one decent person in that twisted family.
  2. It’s never fun when the ship you were rooting for calls it quits. Morgan and Park from “The Good Doctor” decided to end things right in the beginning of the recently aired season 6. To say I was bummed would be an understatement. However, aside from all their snipping this season, I am optimistic that they will kiss and make up. Considering at one point he offered to have a baby with her…the chances are pretty high.
  3. With “Stranger Things,” I could make it obvious and say I hated that they killed off Eddie. And yes, I did hate that, but I hated the storyline of Nancy and Steve crushing on each other. Nancy’s character kind of annoys me, and I think Steve needs to move on from her. It’s time. Plus, Nancy is with Jonathan, soooo.
  4. Is there anything worse than a show killing off one of the main characters? How about after the two main characters you’ve been hoping get together finally kiss, only to kill off one character? Well, that’s what “Killing Eve” did by killing off Villanelle. Talk about a hated moment. Ugh.

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