Exclusive Interviews: Superman & Lois at PaleyFest


We covered the red carpet for Superman & Lois at this year’s PaleyFest. Check out our exclusive interviews below as well as some tidbits of what we learned at the panel! 

Interview with Tyler Hoechlin & Elizabeth “Bitsie” Tullock: 

Interview with Alex Garfin: 

Interview with Inde Navarette: 

Interview with Emmanuelle Chriqui: 

Interview with Wole Parks: 

Interview with Tayler Buck: 

Interview with Sofia Hasmik: 

We also got to see the panel put on for fans of the show, and it did not disappoint! Here’s some of what we learned: 

  • Dylan Walsh spoke about how he loves that there’s a contrast of “barking order” – his character gets to bark orders at the DOD, then Lois is the one barking orders at him. 
  • Sofia Hasmik described her audition process. She submitted a self-tape for the role that was originally supposed to be two episodes long. She booked the role and became a series regular. She didn’t realize it until The CW started asking for her passport. 
  • Alex Garfin originally auditioned for the role of Jonathan… which he quickly gave up on because he is not a jock. 
  • Erik Valdez spoke highly of the Cushing-Cortez family and how it is very organic and feels like a real family on set. 
  • Inde Navarette spoke about that sad break-up and how difficult it is that Sarah doesn’t understand what’s going on. She spoke of the beauty between her and Jonathan. That she feels like nobody understands her, he feels like nobody understands him, but they understand each other. 
  • There was a cute moment where Tyler Hoechlin teased Bitsie Tullock for eating gummy bears on stage, and she dropped them. 
  • Alex Garfin apologized for his onscreen brother (Jordan Elsass) not being able to attend. He did offer some insight as to how he would answer one of the questions. He stated that Jonathan idolizes Heath Ledger in real life and for him to play a villain – or potential villain – is really exciting to him. 
  • Tyler Hoechlin spoke about his family and that though he is not a parent, this whole job makes him appreciate his parents more. He described the job as a “love letter to parents” and said that his parents were very supportive of his acting and playing baseball, and how that is not common. 
  • Bitsie Tullock said she would love to do a crossover and have Lois team up with Iris from The Flash and do some reporting together. 
  • Wole Parks also disclosed he is a fan of The Flash and told us his favorite character is Cisco. 

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