REVIEW – ‘SORROW’: A Ghost Story


Ragged Crow film productions, along with writer and director Sam Edwards, bring you this haunting tale of a young woman named Red (Daisy Montgomery) who is haunted by Jacque’s (Anuschka Rapp) ultimate betrayal. Every day Red is tormented constantly, and the emotional pain binds her in a state of sorrow with Jacque’s soul and her own for eternity. It’s a question of if Red can move forward and forgive the betrayal that she experienced in the past to allow her to move forward with her life. It’s a beautifully shot short film. The countryside setting and medieval house used for the story combined well, especially the greens of the forest and earth colours jumping out of the screen. The mystery is trying to find out the traumatic betrayal that is not allowing Red to break free from Jacque. ‘Sorrow’ has been selected for various film festivals around the world.

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‘Sorrow’ – a ghost story – YouTube

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