Phoenix Comicon Spotlight on Arrow’s David Ramsey

David Ramsey at Phoenix Comicon. Photo: HNS

Arrow’s David Ramsey made an appearance at Phoenix Comicon for a fun, lighthearted, and extremely nerdy conversation with fans about the show, his love of all things superhero, and some insight into one of costar, Stephen Amell’s hilarious acting quirks. Read below for highlights from the panel.

Spoiler Alert for those who have not watched the season 4 finale of Arrow.

David Ramsey at Phoenix Comicon. Photo: HNS
David Ramsey at Phoenix Comicon. Photo: HNS

Arrow Season 4 ended with Team Arrow once again saving the day, but the team broke up at the end, with Diggle (Ramsey) and Thea (Willa Holland) heading in their own directions, leaving Oliver (Amell) and Felicity (Emily Bett-Rickards) to continue their crime-fighting mission without them.  Ramsey teased that Diggle will, of course, be coming back to the team, but he doesn’t know how or when.  He also hinted that there may be some big changes coming to Arrow due to the events in the finale of the Flash.  As we know, the two shows, along with Legends of Tomorrow, are all connected into the same CW DC universe, thus what happens in one show could have major effects on the others.  Ramsey guessed (and he emphasized that he is only guessing) that the Flashpoint twist may be the network’s way of tying in the newly acquired Supergirl.   He, like many of us, is extremely excited to see all four DC shows come together for the planned crossover episode and, considering his hilarious response to the Flash, cannot wait to see what Diggle’s reaction will be to a flying woman.

Ramsey was very vocal about his wishlist for the upcoming season.  When asked what he would like to see for Diggle, Ramsey responded that he would love to see Diggle from one of the alternate universes come in with a “ring of power”.  This hints at the Green Lantern who, in the comics, is an ally of the Green Arrow and fights alongside him.  He also wants to see more of the fighting and action that was central to the earlier seasons of the show.  This last season focused more on magic, which he says reminds him more of the Flash than of Arrow.  He even quipped that, when the nukes were in the air at the end of season 4, Team Arrow should have just “called the Flash.”

One of the most exciting parts of the panel was when Ramsey talked about his costars on the show.  He talked about all the “immature, fourth grade style” pranks the cast play on one another and did impressions of “method actor” Paul Blackthorn and, my personal favorite, Stephen Amell’s “butt acting”.  Amell apparently has a habit of crossing his arms and acting by flexing his butt cheeks.  The entire audience was laughing hysterically as Ramsey demonstrated this on stage.

Another fun fact from the panel: apparently Suicide Squad’s Harley Quinn was set to make an appearance on the show, but was cut on the day of filming.

Arrow will return for its 5th season on the CW this fall.