Gotham Cast Interviews from Comic-Con 2016


HNS got the chance to sit down and catch up with the cast and Executive Producer of Gotham recently at Comic-Con. Check out what they had to say about the intensity of last season and what’s to come for Season 3.


Executive Producer John Stephens:

“We saw Gotham going into chaos. We saw monsters running in the streets. Now we’re going to find out who actually runs this place.” And this year every character will be judged by these people that are in charge. “Professor Strange had a plan,” he teases of what we will learn resolving the Season 2 story arc. He also spoke of the relationship between Selina Kyle and Bruce Wayne, and explained why they’re drawn to each other, “She’s looking for his strength, and he’s looking for her freedom.” He envies her free spirit and she envies his structure.

He didn’t want to give too much away as for what’s to come in Season 3, but did tease that because of the evil that is let out by Dr. Strange, Ivy gets caught up in that and a massive change occurs. Bruce Wayne is in training, and we will see another side to him. Another storyline we found out about was that this year Cat will go delving back into her past and search for her parents. And in doing so, she will need Bruce Wayne’s help. When she finds something, that will change her forever, he says. Although difficult for him, Alfred really helps Bruce create this new personality that he needs to adapt in order to survive. Alfred has to get on board, and there’s a bond this year between the two. Lucious is instrumental in that.

Morena Baccarin: 

Erin Richards:

Chris Chalk: 

Gotham returns to FOX on September 19th at 8pm