Join my colleague Paul Amadeus Lane and I as we break down all things Arrowverse this season specifically Arrow Season 7, The Flash Season 5 and Supergirl Season 4.

There was a lot to discuss and really we only had time to briefly get into each show. On Arrow, we saw a huge change in Oliver Queen’s fight to save the city as he goes from convict to member of the Star City Police Department. We also saw the introduction of the Flashforwards in the place of previous flashbacks to a possible future Star City in 2049.

Over on The Flash, we see Barry and Iris become instant parents why trying to deal with a new Big Bad with the ability to cancel the powers of metahumans.

Supergirl dealt with the rise in anti-alien feeling with the discovery by the wider public that the President of the United States was an alien in hiding. We see what fear can do when used for evil all the while waiting for the much-publicised introduction of one Lex Luthor.

Check out the individual videos below and see if you agree with us or not. 

Arrow Season 7 Discussion

The Flash Season 5 Discussion

Supergirl Season 4 Discussion