Review: ‘Lost in Space’ Season 1 Blu-ray


We received the ‘Lost in Space’ The Complete First Season on Blu-ray to review for its upcoming release on Tuesday, 6/4/19. Check out our thoughts on the product below!

This product comes in your standard size Blu-ray case with the poster of the first season on the cover. It includes three discs inside. The first disc contains the first four episodes, the second disc contains episodes 5-8, and the third disc contains episodes 9 & 10 and the special features.

My favorite thing about buying TV shows on DVDs or Blu-rays is always the special features, and this product does not disappoint! As the show has been out on Netflix for quite some time, and remains there today, the special features are really the selling point here. I watched ‘Lost in Space’ quite some time ago, around when it first came out on Netflix, and I remember being so invested while watching. The stakes were very high and it’s a show that will keep you on your toes while watching. The convenient thing about the blu-ray is just having another method to rewatch if you are not a Netflix subscriber or do not have access to internet.

So let’s break down those special features. Here’s a complete list of special features included in this product:

  • “No Place to Hide” – Colorized Unaired Pilot from the Original Series
  • Deleted Scenes
  • Bill and Max: Lost and Found in Space
  • Bill Mumy Visits the Jupiter 2
  • Designing the Robot
  • Lost in Space Sizzle

“No Place to Hide” – Colorized Unaired Pilot from the Original Series

This special feature is the pilot episode of the original series shown in color for the first time! It’s a really cool feature for both fans of the original show as well as those who aren’t familiar with the original show so that they can familiarize themselves with the classic. 

Deleted Scenes

There are three deleted scenes shown here with a collective run time of 3:42. The first is with June Harris and shows her mischieviously snooping around, messing with a picture frame. The second deleted scene we see is a conversation between Maureen and John Robinson as they drink. The third special feature is a heated interaction between Penny and Judy as Penny fixes the J2 vehicle. These were all fun to watch, but also understandable they were cut from the show as they were not pertinent to moving the story along.

 Bill and Max: Lost and Found in Space

This starts off with Bill and Max adorably playing guitars. They narrate this whole special feature and breakdown the show’s history and talking about both the original show and the new show. They discuss the similarities and differences between the two shows including pets, on the show, the robot, and the show’s core theme – family. It features a lot of clips from the original show, which was so fun to watch as someone who didn’t watch the original. They also talked about the several Easter eggs the new show has sprinkled throughout to honor the original show.

Bill Mumy Visits the Jupiter 2

This feature is exactly what the title says – it’s a feature that has Bill Mumy walking around and touring the set of (the present) Jupiter 2. He talks about how the original Jupiter 2 differs from the new version, and the excitement you can see on his face is very endearing. The robot stops in to visit as well and there’s a lot of talk about how the robot is truly bonded to Will and how it gives them a unique connection. A cool fact I learned is that the original show’s Jupiter 2 had an elevator! There’s also some moments with the cast on set, and Bill genuinely seems so excited to see the show’s legacy be carried on and that it has new life being breathed into it. Bill and Max Jenkins spoke about their comic book collections. It was really endearing to see how emotional and happy Bill was to be on set and watching the new show take off.

 Designing the Robot

This feature had executive producers speaking to the Robot and Will’s bond and how this is at the heart of the show. They spoke about the Robot’s humanistic and childlike qualities and how it had to have a soul that audiences could connect to. We also get to see the sculpting and details of the robot being designed. We see sketches and molds and the whole team coming together to make decisions on the design process. They speak about how they wanted to have the robot also still have the same familiar feel as the original show’s robot and that they achieved this with his face.

Lost in Space Sizzle

This special feature featured a lot of clips from the show with interview snippets from the executive producers and cast. They cast snippets are very brief introductions about their characters. The executive producer snippets talk about the show and the sets and costumes. These are not long interviews, but rather very short sentences or two from everyone. They pack a lot in in a short amount of time.


Lost in Space the Complete First Season blu-ray goes on sale everywhere Tuesday, 6/4/19.

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