Double TV Review: The Walking Dead (S6 Episodes 9+10)



Hey guys, so today I have a double feature, where I’ll review Episodes 9 and 10 of The Walking Dead Season 6. It’s a jam packed session and I have a lot to say so get a nice drink, kick up your heels and enjoy. 

Episode 9: No Way Out

I hated having to wait so long but finally, February is here. It’s been quite an opener in terms of shock factor and keeping us on our toes. We’re introduced to a few of Negan’s men in the beginning of episode 9, where Daryl, Sasha and Abraham are caught trying to get back to Alexandria. The best part of this has to be the guys line (he wouldn’t say his name…which is really annoying. But then, he didn’t really last long enough, did he?) where he says to Abraham “If you have to eat shit, it’s best not to nibble.” Classic!

What got me, though, was when the group blew up, you didn’t see anything fly toward them…I mean, Daryl shot that bazooka thing, but surely you’d see something? Anyway, they certainly started off with a bang. 

The mid-season finale ended with Rick, Michonne, Carl, Sam, Ron, Jessie and Gabriel covered in crap trying to manoeuvre ever so carefully among the hoards of walkers in order to get by without being noticed…which is all good in theory, but then it ended with Sam (goddammit, Sam!) calling for his mum. What an idiot!

So we continue with the group walking slowly through the crowds and weirdly nothing seemed to come of Sam’s stupidity, but oh oh, he got his comeuppance. 

We see a different side of Gabriel – mostly that he actually grows a pair and learns to take charge. He takes Judith – that poor kid, she looked so terrified being passed around – to the church? Chapel? I always get those two confused. Would you trust Gabriel with your child? No way!

The others split up, heading to the quarry, but then things go south when Sam freezes. I mean, that kid had it coming, and quite frankly I was cheering when he got killed off. I’m sure the actor is great, but the character? No. Just no. Then there was Ron…yeah another I could do without. Jessie, however, I was liking her. 

And then there was Carl…poor Carl. I know it happens in the comic book, but this really made me squeal. It was so well done in terms of acting and special effects. The effect when Rick is running with his son in his arms toward the infirmary…I was shouting at the TV. Haha. It’s a very interactive show. The fear on Michonne’s face is quite heartbreaking because it shows for a moment how much she genuinely cares for Carl and usually you don’t see far beneath the walls she keeps up, hiding her real feelings.

As for the others: Rosita, Tara, Carol and Morgan who were attacked by the Wolf dude who took Denise, they’re trying to find a way out. I didn’t expect Denise to survive, to be honest, but when the two of them run across, passing dozens of walkers, she some how makes it to the infirmary unmarked. Though same could not be said for the Wolf. Thanks,Carol.

It was really a show of camaraderie when Rick goes out side in a rage to attack the walkers and pretty much everyone else joins him in what can only be described as one fight for survival. It was truly epic and yet a real nail biting moment. Eugene! Oh my god, Eugene. He actually did something brave for once, and oh how it tugged on my heart strings. Sigh. Sweet guy needs to stop being so weak. Even Gabriel joins in. It’s like…wow. Team work.

You can really sense Ricks’ anger, fear, sadness in each strike he makes. It so palpable. 

I thought there might have been more of Glenn, but him and Enid are busy trying to find a way to save Maggie, who is stuck on one of the watch towers. His line about the ones he’s lost: “They’re still here, cause you’re still here.” A very poignant line and great sentiment, and I was pleased it finally got through to Enid because she was getting on my nerves. I thought for sure Glenn was done for when the walkers had him blocked in, but then good ole Abraham and Sasha make one hell of an entrance and blast them all to bits. And we end with Daryl letting off another fire, setting the river ablaze and leading the walkers there to burn. BURN!

Quite frankly, I hope next episode is calmer because I can’t take much more of this ‘excitement’. Haha.

Brilliant episode, great mid-season premiere and I look forward to what happens next.

Episode 10: The New World

Months have passed since the events in Episode 9, and now everyone’s finally able to be at peace, to relax. In my opinion, it’s far too calm. It’s almost jarring, really.  I found this episode to be full of far less intensity and more idle dialogue, like Denise and Daryl talking about ‘pop’ and what felt like everyone giving him shopping lists. It was kind of amusing. Him and Rick go off on a run for supplies, but I wonder where they get the petrol from because surely they run out after a while? 

The scene where they’re in the car and Rick puts on his music and Daryl’s like “Don’t. Please don’t.” had me cackling. The look on his face is just pure done. They come across a lorry full of food and stuff, which I thought from the second it was spotted, it was a bit too sketchy. And BAM! They’re tricked by some guy named ‘Jesus’ and that scene with Daryl chasing him around the field was like some pure comical moment. Someone on twitter even posted it with the Benny Hill music. See below.


When Spencer and Michonne wander the woods, I’m like “What are they up to?” but then Carl and Enid are out there, and at first I thought this was just a boring skit of them all in the woods begging to be killed…because let’s face it, the woods are not safe, people!

But then Carl spots a walker, and it broke my heart when it turned out to be Deanna. Oh my god. But …how? How did she even get out of the house in one piece (so to speak)? I mean…she had been cornered by a hoard of walkers, and she would have been eaten apart. Definitely not able to wander the woods. But nevertheless, I thought the actress, Tovah, did brilliantly, and it was rather sad when Spencer realised he had to put her down himself. 

While all that is happening, Daryl and Rick lose the lorry of food in the water, and I swear, if they’d just driven home and not bothered with that Jesus dude, they wouldn’t have had all that trouble. It bugged me. They end up taking Jesus back to Alexandria and it’s funny when they tie him up, leave him and they’re like “That was stupid. Do it again tomorrow?” or something like that. The light heartedness of this episode really evened out the tension given how brutal last episode was. 

I did not, however like the ending to this. I love Michonne, and I love Rick, but NOOOO not together! No. Just. No. I mean, why can’t they just stay friends? Why does it have to be more? Why? WHY? It bugged me to no end and I really hope it’s not the centre of the story line now. 

And then Jesus escapes. I mean, that’s genius, really. 

All in all, both episodes were great, though in fairness I think I preferred Episode 9, purely because there was more going on that kept my attention. I love having the odd laugh, but that doesn’t feel right in a show like this. 

Only a few episodes left of Season 6 and I look forward to finding out how it goes down, and when we get an introduction the Negan I will be all eyes, ears, and screaming. Ahhh!