10 Things We Learned at the ‘Fear the Walking Dead’ PaleyFest Panel


Much was learned at the PaleyFest panel for AMC’s Fear the Walking Dead this week as we prepare for Season 2. Check out our top 10 things we learned below.


10 Things we learned at the Fear the Walking Dead Paleyfest panel:

  1. It’s important to the showrunners to keep the zombies the same. We see fresher walkers in Fear The Walking Dead than in The Walking Dead because Rick wakes up 4 weeks afterwards [in The Walking Dead]. So we see newer things here. When asked about the zombies in the ocean, it was stated “Zombies can’t swim. But they don’t drown. They float back up.”
  1. There was a lot of talk about the show’s decision to head to the water. The show’s tagline “no safe harbor” is a clue that going to the water is a bad idea.
  1. It was revealed that the ultimate goal is to find a place where they can drop banker and stay ultimately. Exclusive clip revealed that San Diego is on their horizon.
  1. Sunken City (in San Pedro) is where they shot the emotional scene at the end of season 1 where Liza dies.
  1. Mercedes Mason talked about family dynamics and how there’s a pivotal moment (both in real life and on the show) where suddenly you see your parents differently.
  1. We will learn more about strand in season 2. Part of the fun of season 2, Strand provides this wonderful attention because we don’t know what his agenda is. He knows Nick is a heroin addict and survivor and sees possibilities in it. Mercedes said, “Strand can be a sociopath for all we know.” To this Colman Domingo replies he was told he was a mysterious man and that he would be wealthy.
  1. Robert Kirkman is an insane collaborator and is involved with the show. In regards to the decision to set the show in LA, they said it was always going to be set in LA. The idea of seeing the city before its fallen was attractive. All types of landscape, LA being a melting pot – you see every ethnicity. All of these things made LA a good choice.
  1. There’s a really good zombie kill in the first episode. Kim Dickens said, “I loved killing zombies! That fire extinguisher…” If she had it her way, there would be less dialogue and more zombie killing.
  1. Frank Dillane had the audience cracking up pretty much the whole panel with both his answers and his on stage demeanor. There were lots of jokes about Nick wearing the same clothes the entire season. What asked what it’s like to work with zombies, Dillane answered, “they mumble a lot.” He also wants to be a zombie and is jealous of the zombie make-up. The rest of the cast is not surprised he’s the one who wants to be a zombie.
  1. One thing that they were quick to confirm is that they do not ever anticipate meeting up with The Walking Dead. So don’t expect any Fear the Walking Dead/ The Walking Dead crossover episodes anytime soon!