10 Reasons Why We Can’t Wait for NETFLIX’s “Daybreak”



On behalf of Hollywood News Source, I was thrilled to be able to interview the cast of NETFLIX’s new series, “Daybreak” at New York Comic Con this year.  The show is one I have been eagerly awaiting as it seemed to check off many of my interests as a post-apocalyptical zombie thrill ride with previously-overlooked heroes disentangling themselves from high school cliques to save what is left of their world.  After meeting with the cast and sharing just a bit of the joy and enthusiasm they have for their story, I am now more excited than ever for the show to start on the Oct 24th.  I want you to be too!  So without further ado, I present you with my “10 Reasons Why I am Excited for NETFLIX’s “Daybreak!”   

  1. Matthew Broderick as Principal Burr.  If I need to say more than that, how about: “Did you ever think Ferris Bueller would grow up to be a high school principal?” Me neither.  Which is why I’m in love with the idea.  Yes, I know he’s not playing Bueller in this show but give me a break, you thought it too.  This is the first TV series ever Broderick has signed on as a regular.  I trust his judgement.  I’m in. 
  2. Krysta Rodriguez as the biology teacher.   You may not know her name, but as a Broadway geek, I do.  She was in “Spring Awakening” with Lea Michelle and Jonathan Groff and “First Date” with Zachary Levi; long story, short, she’s got it going on and I’m thrilled a new audience will meet her through “Daybreak.  BONUS! The biology teacher turns into a witch. You gotta love witches, they make everything more fun.  I’m double in, now. 
  3. Only kids are left alive after the apocalypse.  I’m not sure how I feel about this but my kids are going to love it.                                                   
  4. All adults are turned into “ghoulies” by the apocalypse.  Sure, they are flesh eating zombie-like creatures but they are also different from your standard, run-of-the-mill zombie.  Here’s how: the ghoulies wander about mindlessly repeating the last thing that was on their mind at the time they were turned, no matter how lame.  If you knew the thought you were thinking RIGHT NOW would be the only thing you could say until you had your brains bashed in, how embarrassed would you be?  Ugh. 
  5. The producers named this the “not smelly” apocalypse show.  They wanted to make a show that was true to nature for teens and felt like the first things these teens would do would be to make sure they looked, and smelled, good.  Seems fair.  If suddenly there were no rules, parents or laws to break and you could take a Ferrari and the latest hot kicks you wanted without the guilt or risk, wouldn’t you?  Yeah, that’s what they thought. 
  6. The main character, “Josh,” says the apocalypse is the “best thing to ever have happened to him.” See items 4 and 6.  Add to that the chance to redefine yourself into who you always wanted to be, in high school.  #luckyduck #blessed #IwouldbeaKardashian
  7. Each episode is filmed from a different character perspective and in a different genre.  One character tells his story in a Samurai episode, while another tells hers as a Mafia boss, “Goodfellas” style.  
  8. The stories will explore timely subjects like gender identity, bullying, growing up, social media and finding “your tribe.” Also, how do you rebuild society to be different from the previous one when you’ve lived less than two decades and weren’t necessarily paying attention in history class (that’s my question I’d like to see answered, thank you)?
  9. Easter Eggs.  The show promises to be full of 80’s and 90’s pop culture Easter eggs.  This is always fun. I see a watch party happening in my near future. 
  10. The show is rated MA, so it has some darkness to it.  I’m relieved it will not be a family-friendly romp into ghoulie apocalypse.  There will be blood. Parents die. Things happen.  

“Daybreak” features Matthew Broderick as Glendale High School’s Principal Michael Burr; Krysta Rodriguez as the biology teacher; Colin Ford as our hero and every-teen, 17-year-old Josh Wheeler; Sophie Simnett as Sam Dean, the most widely admired girl at Glendale High; Austin Crute as contemplative samurai Wesley Fists; Alyvia Alyn Lind as highly unstable kid genius Angelica Green; Cody Kearsley as Turbo Bro Jock, the bloodthirsty leader of the jocks; Jeanté Godlock as Mona Lisa, his badass right-hand woman; and Gregory Kasyan as Eli Cardashyan (not that Kardashian). Executive producers are Aron Eli Coleite, Brad Peyton, and Jeff Fierson.

Watch it on NETFLIX beginning Oct 24.