TV Review: The Walking Dead ‘The Cell’ (S7E3)


Episode 3, Season 7. The Cell

Hello again. It’s episode 3, which is centred around Daryl this time. I love Daryl and it’s so heartbreaking to see him being so low and tortured. Negan has him locked up in a cell where cheesy music is piped through on a loop.  No, they don’t play nice music. It’s a song called Easy Street, which is enough to drive you nuts. Personally, I’d have just danced and sung along and gone mad in another way. Haha.

I thought Daryl handled it fairly well, except for the throwing up and the escape attempt that nearly got him killed. Seriously, you’d think he’d have learned by now. Negan is just as evil, but at the same time, it’s easy enough to see from his point of view.
Then we hear more about Dwight, Negan’s right hand man, and how he came to get that title. It’s quite sad, really. I’m wondering if he’s going to be more on Daryl’s side in the end.

In terms of anything significant happening in this episode, there’s nothing to pin point, but at one point I thought Daryl was going to join Negan. If he does, he could easily fake it and escape. I mean… It’s not rocket science. But I guess it goes against his principles. Anyway, next week we see Rick and the others in Alexandria so I look forward, with bated breath, to that one.
Until then.