TV Review: The Walking Dead Season 6, Episode 13 “The Same Boat”


Contains Spoilers!

“The Same Boat” review:

Compared to last week’s episode, this week we see more from the bad guys point of view. Though  they stipulate that Carol and Maggie aren’t the good guys. It’s interesting how on point they are for once.

The end of last week sees Maggie and Carol being held hostage by some stragglers from Negan’s group. However when Carol mentions Negan, the women laugh and say ‘We’re all Negan’ which makes me think that they’ve been told to say this. As in, Negan’s enough of a threat, that if anyone finds out who he is, and he finds out who spilled the beans, so to speak, they might as well be dead. So it stands to reason they might as well die trying, right? I don’t know, it all got a bit fuzzy.

When Carol and Maggie are bound and gagged, taken to some place in the middle of nowhere, we don’t see the outside of it, only that the others hate it there and that there are walkers about. When aren’t there, huh? The statement is that they can do whatever to Carol, but leave Maggie alone. Save the baby. At first you think Paula, the main woman in charge, will just kill her for even trying to plea. But thankfully they have some sliver of humanity left. Though the guy that Carol shot at the start of the episode, sure wants to kill her.

Carol plays on the innocent and weak act, and at first you think she’d being serious, but the more information she gets out of their captors, it suddenly dawned on me. It’s a ploy. Good ole Carol.

Maggie’s interrogated, but not to much success. When Paula contacts Rick and agrees to the trade, she thinks it’s all too easy, and so she should. She leaves, and Carol is left alone to break her binds and find Maggie, and finally they’re free. Sort of. It’s rather disturbing how this episode starts off relatively calm and then by the end you have all this blood on your hands – some literal, some not so literal.

Paula is killed in what has to be one brutal way of going, and Carol mimics her voice to lure their back up in, quickly setting them on fire in the process. Carol and Maggie finally make it out, where Rick and the others are there to greet them. They have the guy they were going to trade, and Rick’s stating the facts: Your people are dead. Tell me, was Negan there last night or in here?

The guy says simply, “I’m Negan.” You can tell by Carol’s expression that she wants to speak up, but it’s too late, Rick has already shot the guy. No time wasting here, eh?

I absolutely cannot wait for Negan to appear, but that’s only because of Jeffrey Dean Morgan. Anyway, That’s all from me.