TV Review: The Walking Dead (S6, EP12) “No Tomorrow Yet”



Review of ‘No Tomorrow Yet’ Episode 12, Season 6.

You know it’s going to be a fun episode when it opens with Carol baking cookies. The music played in this scene is so overly cheerful that it’s quite jarring, considering the usual tone to the programme. It’s kind of funny, really because you know things aren’t going to end happily. When Rick comes back from the Hilltop, he instructs everyone to meet in the church. It’s only natural that everyone looks stony faced as Rick tells them they need to go to the Saviours and kill them before they kill first. Morgan, oh the idiot, stands up and says they should just tell Negan’s men they can win, have a discussion. No, Morgan. They won’t listen to reason. He’s such a whiny git that I just hope he gets killed soon.

I see the similarities between Rick and the Governor when he says “Kill them all.” It’s not exactly a good move, but it’s one he’s set on. Rushing in to kill Negan and his guys has to be one of the most idiotic things he’s decided on, however. He has no idea what he’s up against. It’s rather sad.Then we get a scene with Carol counting her kills. It really brings home just how much this ordeal weighs on their shoulders, because you don’t really think about it, but then Carol – badass Carol – circles the number 18. Really? I was actually surprised, to be honest. As in, I thought she’d have a bigger number.

There were other moments in this episode, Carol and Tobin, Rosita and Abraham, Tara and Denise. All at different levels of relationships, and it’s quite sweet – not to mention a bit scary – how they’re trying to live their lives despite this raging war going on around them, i.e the zombie apocalypse. It’s a small sign of hope, but at the same time, you’re waiting for the bomb to drop, for everything to go to hell once again.

Unlike the previous episodes, there haven’t been many comical moments, and that’s quite a sign that the rest of the season will be darker than ever. But then we have Eugene. Good ole Eugene who just pops up and makes us laugh without seemingly doing anything untoward. And then there’s the three heads that they choose from to look like Gregory. Did anyone notice the one on the far right was actually a head (not THE head, obviously) of Johnny Depp? I only knew this because of Facebook, but after a solid look, yeah it did look like him.

The gang head for the Saviours place, which is where Negan and his crew are. Rick naively thinks that Negan is there when they storm in and kill everyone in their sleep. Of course things go pear shaped when Abraham screws up and then they’re all shooting for their lives, before they’re killed themselves. I panicked at one point for Glenn. I mean, I panicked for them all. How could so many men sleep while others are tiptoeing toward them with a knife? I mean, that’s just weird. Even when asleep, you can usually sense when someone’s near you. 

The first half of this episode is fairly calm and quiet and you think it’s going to be some build up, and then bam, everything turns south and I’m practically hiding behind a cushion because I’m too scared to witness one of my favourites die. Not that anyone of importance did, thank God. But still, it’s scary to think it could. 

The alarms go off, alerting those waiting outside by the cars that something’s wrong. Carol tells Maggie she needs to stay put. I can understand why, but at the same time, that time spent delaying could mean someone they love dies. As it was, them running off to help didn’t do them any good since they go captured at the end.

When Rick and the others escape and think they’re all ready to go home, one of the walkie talkies goes off and a voice – a female voice, so we know it’s not Negan – tells them to drop their weapons. They have Carol and Maggie. 

I swear, when will Rick learn that things aren’t just as easy as sneak in, kill and run away like it’s a game in the park. In any case, I am extra eager for next weeks episode. If either of those girls die I’mma riot because damn it, I can’t lose anyone. I mean, I guess I could stand to lose Gabriel or one of the other Alexandrian’s, but really…no one. NO. ONE.