TV Review: The Walking Dead ‘Hearts Still Beating’ (S7 EP8)




Well, it’s the Mid-season finale and what an episode it was. A lot happened. I love that throughout we see what’s going on with characters in all areas, like Maggie at Hilltop, Carol and Morgan in the Kingdom, Rick and Aaron and Michonne all doing their separate things, and then the sh*tshow that is Alexandria.

My first point is that Negan shaved. 


Not a good look.

He’s comfortable in Alexandria while Rick and Aaron are out on a suicide mission for supplies. We also see Daryl at the Saviours compound attempting escape. I was cheering him on the whole time, but also worried because let’s face it, anything can happen. 

Carol and Morgan are asked to fight against the Saviours, but no one seems to believe Carol when she says she just wants to be alone. I guess it was a bit quick of her to call it a day on killing people. 

There were a lot of deaths and injuries this episode, so I knew no one was safe especially when Negan is involved. I never thought I cared so much for Aaron until he almost dies twice. First in the water with a load of walkers, and then as soon as he and Rick return to Alexandria, Negan’s people find an insulting note in a box – but I don’t get why Aaron didn’t immediately say they didn’t do it. I mean, why hesitate? So of course he gets beaten up, and I’m knuckle biting because no, no, no. 

Meanwhile, Spencer. Oh god. Spencer. Why? For some reason he thinks he’s got the brains to try and suck up to Negan and get away with it. I knew as soon as he told Rosita what he had planned that he would get himself killed. It was so obvious, and yet rather horrifying when it does happen. I made a note that it was ‘right on cue’ because I thought Negan used the snooker cue to slice his guts. Haha. I was wrong, but still…the joke stays. 

Maybe Rosita should have thought twice before trying to shoot Negan because to miss him so impressively…well, we could all see that coming, right? I don’t know why people bother. Negan will always win. As much as I like Rosita, she’s being a complete idiot since Abraham’s death. I get that she’s grieving, but she’s going about it all wrong. She’s getting people killed, like Olivia, who I didn’t know well enough to really care for, but I was still sad. And Eugene. I mean, that poor guy didn’t deserve what he’s no doubt going to get coming to him, all because he helped Rosita. I hope Rosita feels a lot of guilt for that one.

The one and only bright note of this episode was when Rick finally, finally, finds his nerves again and goes with Michonne and a bunch of others from Alexandria to Hilltop to see Maggie. It’s there that Daryl and Rick are reunited in the best bromance moment of all TWD time! I nearly cried right along with them, to be honest. I’m glad they’ve decided to fight back. By the looks of the next episodes preview, there’s a war brewing, but how smoothly will it go? Nobody knows. We won’t know until February 12th. 

What did you all think of this bloodthirsty episode? 

I’ll see you in February! 

– Katheryn xo