TV Review: The Walking Dead Episode 15, Season 6 “East”



The Walking Dead Episode 15, Season 6 “East” 

We start from where last episode left off, though we see the lead up to Carol leaving. She’s packing and leaving a note, then sneaks off in the night. Amazing how she got past the look outs and snagged the car. Did she think they wouldn’t notice a car missing? 

I gotta say, I loved the Johnny Cash song playing in the beginning. Daryl goes off suddenly, and Michonne, Glenn and Rosita go after him. At first I thought maybe he’d heard of Carol leaving before Rick, but it’s then clarified that he’s gone to seek vengeance. He’s angry and upset (and rightly so) as it was his arrow that shot Denise, and because earlier in the season he let Dwight go (though not on purpose) but I suppose he feels guilty. It’s not a smart move, though, just leaving like that. Not when they’ve angered a group of savage men who’ll kill first, ask questions later. 

When Rick finds out Carol left, he goes with Morgan to look for her. It leads them to an abandoned car and a car surrounded by dead guys (and a couple not quite dead) and one guy who disappears. Heading for his other men, maybe? Carol is a boss when it comes to dispatching people, even when it’s clear she doesn’t like what she’s doing. At least she has a conscience, which I’m not sure Rick has anymore. He’s rather brutal these days. I still love him, though. Hehe! The way Carol stitched a rifle in her sleeve, though…brilliant. I didn’t know how she was going to defend herself and then bam bam bam they all go down. Not sure how some of them survived, but hey…Never mind.

Back to the others. They find Daryl and try to stop him, but he’s adamant he’s going to carry on. Rosita goes with him, deciding she can’t continue without finding Dwight. Glenn and Michonne are alone in the woods, and it’s so obvious they’re screwed. Someone whistles and one guy with a gun trained on them appears. Then another whistle, and so on and so forth until they’re fully surrounded. I mean, really. Why can’t our guys realise that they’re trespassing onto enemy territory wherever they go?

Rick and Morgan find a trail east where they think Carol went, but then Morgan decides he needs to find her himself, and Rick is needed back home. He’s not wrong. Morgan is one of those characters where I can’t stand him, but he has some valid points when he tells Rick people can come back, and there’s no reason to kill everyone. Rick explains he doesn’t take chances anymore, and yeah, I can see where he’s coming from too, but seriously? Not everyone is a bad guy. 

Meanwhile, back in Alexandria, we have Maggie dealing with Glenn having gone off. Enid helps her with things and in the end Maggie asks some favour, and the next shot she has a haircut. If I’m honest, I’m not a fan of it, but it’s part of the character so not much I can do. Haha. But then disaster strikes. She falls down from stomach pain, and I really hope it’s not a miscarriage. It could have been the pickles, I guess. *fingers crossed*

And then we have Rosita and Daryl finding Glenn and Michonne tied up in a camp where some of the Saviours are hanging out. Daryl gets shot by Dwight and we get blood splattered on the camera, with Dwight saying he’ll be okay. Will he, though? That is the question and one us fans don’t really want to know as the answer might be too scary. I can’t lose Daryl. I mean, why can’t they get rid of some of the minor characters instead? 

Now, the finale is next week and I’ll admit, I’m excited. I don’t want anyone to die, but let’s face it, someone will. Negan enters the story and I’m so excited to see him. Okay, I’m more eager for Jeffrey Dean Morgan *dreamy sigh* I just love that guy. He’s so great in everything he does. 

It’ll be interesting to see how they spin next week, and with it being a 90 minute episode, there’ll surely be a lot to deal with. 

Until next time.