THE SOURCE Episode 08 VOLITION Review & Interview


The Source is back with Episode 08 where Darryl and Domingos talk Volition the new indie Sci-Fi film from The Smith Brothers.

We have been eagerly following Volition as it made its way on its festival tour and before that during production, so you can click right here for an earlier interview we conducted with the cast and crew.

The podcast features a spoiler free review and discussion of the film from the two hosts and as an added extra a interview conducted by Darryl with the Cassini Brothers, Frank and John who also star in Volition

Check out Episode 08 Volition Discussion & Review here.

As an extra please see below the transcription of our new interview with Magda Apanowicz who plays Angela.

DarrylWhat was the last book you read given that we all found ourselves with a little more time to ourselves?
MagdaRight now I am reading a book called Complex PTSD From Surviving To Thriving  (By Pete Walker).
DarrylWow. That sounds deep. How is it?
MagdaGood. Very educational, I’ve had a kind of tumultuous upbringing and you know I’ve never really understood why certain types of my emotions didn’t quite fit in. Certain troubles with anxiety and issues with self-esteem. A lot of it comes from Complex PTSD which I got diagnosed with. It sounds like it is very self-explanatory but it is not just one thing. It is a multi-layered trauma built on trauma.
DarrylActually I do work with in the Mental Health sector so I have a tiny but of understanding of those issues.
MagdaOh nice so you totally get what I am talking about, you don’t think I’m crazy (said jokingly) well I am a little crazy (laughs)
DarrylWe were lucky enough to interview the Cassini brothers earlier, can you tell us what is was like hanging around with them on set?
MagdaAmazing. They are so sweet and they are actors who have so much passion for what they do. I have so much respect for them, honestly every single person in this cast was fantastic to work with but they definitely bring their own energy that amplifies what is already happening on set that day. I couldn’t say enough good things about them.
DarrylDo you have any specific approach to choosing new projects?
MagdaYeh kinda. It is about when you’re reading a script is the movie playing out in your head? Do you see how everything is connected? I already see myself, I have ideas About how I would go through the story. It isn’t forced the story just flows naturally.   The thoughts come and there is a feeling that it (the script) is drawing me in. Also I can tell you there are auditions when you read the pages and there is just nothing, you don’t feel anything and with this job where you put so much of your energy and soul you need to be very choosy where you put that energy or you’ll be exhausted all the time. Most of the time with movies when I want them it is because I feel like that character has something to teach me
DarrylHow was Angela first described to you?
MagdaAngela wasn’t really described to me. We read the script and together we just talked about our ideas of her. It was on purpose that we made her a kind of mystery. So we didn’t specifically out loud tell each other what we thought her background was. We were very open about the fact that we each had our own idea.
DarrylWidening the conversation out to the rest of your career I first saw you on Kyle XY. I was wondering if you could tell us a little about your experiences on that show.
MagdaKyle XY was one of my favourite shows to work on. I remember reading the character breakdown for Andy before I went into the audition and IU just went “Oh my god! This is me.” I just really understood her even the talking with her hands.

So I channelled that part of myself when I went in to audition in front of the writers and producers. Then the next day they asked me to come in again the next day, I was so confused why would they want me to come in again when I just went in?

The thing was they wanted me to come in because they wanted to see if I could do it again, like they thought it was a fluke but then when they saw me do it again they realised that I understood the character.

Even on the first day I remember feeling scared because I knew that I was doing those scenes but I hadn’t quite figured out what my connection to Andy it was but at the end of the day there was this particular scene that made me think “Oh I totally get her”.

From then on it was so easy whenever I read lines. It was great to have this mixture of comedy and seriousness someone going through cancer is so scary especially at that age and the last thing you want to do is disrespect people. I was worried about making cancer jokes but you have to understand that it comes from a place of fear. The jokes are how she gets through the scary part and she does talk about the reality of what she is going through  
 DarrylWhat was your favourite scene to film on Volition?
 MagdaOh man I think I would say it was scene were all the actors were in the same room. All that energy it was wonderful to have all of us there and we’re such positive people and love what we do it was magical.