‘The Last Dance’: The Rise of Michael Jordan & The Chicago Bulls


Netflix and ESPN bring you a 10-part documentary ‘The Last Dance,’ showcasing the story behind the rise of Michael Jordan (left) and the Chicago Bulls basketball team into prominence, iconic status, and a permanent place in pop culture. It shows Jordan’s last season with the Bulls in 1997-1998, and travels back and forth throughout his Chicago Bulls career to his debut as an NBA player, to his time playing at the University of North Carolina. ‘The Last Dance’ looks at his relationship with his parents, siblings, friends, rivals, coaches like Phil Jackson, teammates such as Scottie Pippen (center) and Dennis Rodman (right), and the teachings that helped guide and form him as an individual and as one of the greatest sportsmen ever. It showcases the work ethic it takes to succeed at the highest level, the relentless spirit, the trial and tribulations, personal tragedies, and controversies he and his teammates faced to achieve their goal of being champions. It shows how a young Black American man from North Carolina helped lift the city of Chicago and the sport of basketball to worldwide prominence. And he did it with a great support group of people, before the age of social media and the internet as it is today, and in the process also becoming a pop culture phenomenon and legend. ‘The Last Dance’ isn’t just a documentary about a sport, but in my opinion, is also about life, and how we must all persist in the face of adversity, conquer our fears, and to try our best to succeed at whatever that may be, including the importance of teamwork and unity.

‘The Last Dance’ is available on Netflix and ESPN to stream.

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