From director and writer Zillah Bowes, comes the story of a woman from the city who through nature finds herself and a new path. Set in Mid-Wales ‘Staying (Aros Mae)’ tells the story of Ruth (Lisa Jen Brown), a successful gallery manager in the city who is going through a crisis in her personal relationships. This sets her on a journey of self discovery, which leads her to explore the Welsh countryside and upon meeting a hill farmer, she makes a personal connection with him and his way of life. It taps into how nature can make you one with yourself and it presents a paradigm shift that helps propel her life forward. It’s a moving story that connects the human heart to nature and shows off the beautiful Welsh countryside in all its glory, capturing the colour, community and its vibrancy.

‘Staying (Aros Mae)’ features real-life members of a traditional hill farming community in Radnorshire, Mid Wales who had never acted before. Zillah Bowes mentioned this and so much more in her interview with EFN (Emerging Filmmakers Night Festival), where the film won the Audience Favourite Award for at the festival where the film was shown. You can also view her interview on the EFN website and EFN YouTube Channel.

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