Hollywood News Source’ Favorite Books of 2015: Part One


Favorite Books Part 1

Yesterday, Hollywood News Source posted our ‘Top 12 Favorite Books of 2015’. Today we are adding more fantastic books to that list, simply because we simply cannot get enough of them!

Due to the high volume, this post would be split on two parts. You can see the rest tomorrow. Now you can gladly feast your eyes!



Daughter of Deep Silence by Carrie Ryan

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Daughter of Deep Silence instantly sucked me in. The writing is gorgeous. It is lyrical in some sense. I want to quote everything. I almost convinced this book is written for me. It is calculating, fast spaced and spectacular in every way.  Perfect for readers who are seeking a delicious, fast paced thrilling book.





Ink and Ashes by Valynne E. Maetani

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The story opened up when the narrator, Claire discovered her father was a member of the Yakuza (the Japanese mafia.) Like its premise, this book lived up to its title. It is heart pounding, bloody and it will keep you guessing. The Japanese culture is integrated into the plot. There is heavy emphasis on family and friendship dynamics, just how I like it. You can expect plenty of laughing and swooning. The only think I didn’t liked about it is the subtle “special girl” syndrome and the influx amount of testosterone. But overall, I am smitten. Head over heels.


18398627Conviction by Kelly Loy Gilbert

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An authentic, emotionally devastating book about abuse and faith.

The abuse portrayal in this book is gut wrenching and spot on.Gilbert presents in her writing how abuse massively affects someone in all these subtle and huge things. It is a tangled of mess. It takes a great courage to get out of that relationship, to convince yourself to get up every morning and live, to try to undo all those psychological damages  inflicted on you, to come terms in your own way and heal.

Conviction is an unshakable debut. It is gutsy and emotionally compelling.

16085481Crazy Rich Asians (Crazy Rich Asians #1) by Kevin Kwan

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This book speaks for its title. Its about an affluent Singaporean Chinese family. It is the chronicles of their lavish life.

Crazy Rich Asians is outrageously fun and it gives you a close glimpse about their food obsessed culture, keeping the bloodline and legacy pure, old money and new money – classicism. This book also discussed the racial tension between Mainland Chinese and Overseas Chinese. If you’re looking for a refreshing read. I’d say pick it.




Dirty London by Kelley York

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Dirty London easily become one of my favorite.

This book is delightful, authentic with lots of things to offer. It has a strong emphasis on coming of out, as well as sexual identity, fantastic feminist movement, sister/family/friendship love with a little bit swooning.




Blackbird Fly by Erin Entrada Kelly

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Blackbird Fly is a very difficult story to read. Not because it is poorly written, or in any way that you think, but because it challenges me as a person.

The protagonist of the story, Apple is much more than a character I could relate to. A Filipino main character who migrated in the US at an early age, is currently having a crisis figuring herself out. That was me. I was her in Elementary and throughout High School, even now I could still see Apple flaring within me. Identically and culturally speaking, we are very much attuned. That never happened to me before. I rarely see myself and my culture get represented in any medium I consumed. This is why, I’m bloody terrific to have Blackbird Fly in my life.

Yes, you should definitely get it, especially if you want to read something that doesn’t conform to white children’ woes.
25223115Just Visiting by Dahlia Adler

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Just Visiting is a perfect illustration of diversity within diversity book.

It is terrific, spot on and a book you should absolutely add to your list. Adler also brought a lot of relevant topics we haven’t seen much in YA. I’ll try to sum it up, though I’m sure I’ll forget a handful of details. Disability, poverty, positive sex discussion about unprotected sex, oral sex, consent, feminism, abuse and more. It sounds very daunting and it’s just natural to think how could a “plethora of Social Justice” could fit in a limited page count. But honestly speaking, Just Visiting stays very true. Its a reflection of the world we live in. There is diversity within diversity. And its a damn shame, books like these have a difficult time getting published, if not a very small amount of people pays attention to them. Highly recommended.


Embassy Row by Ally Carter22571275

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Carter returns to Young Adult politics with the first book of Embassy Row, All Fall Down. This opening installment is quite laid-back, but the real touch down is the sequel, See How They Run

It is fast paced and hilarious with the promise of succulent thrill of global conspiracy.





Huntress by Malinda Lo

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Huntress is a fast paced and well established High fantasy book.

Lo explored the fantasy aspect of the story really well. I find myself genuinely caring about the enthralling world building. The characterization is consistent. I love the banter and humour between the characters. The chemistry between Kaede and Taisin is real. I’m in love. I want more.

Huntress is a slow burn book that will certainly leave its readers breathless. Highly recommended to fantasy fans.


16081758Otherbound by Corinne Duyvis

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Compared to its peers, Otherbound is distinctly progressive. The premise is quite unique. It reminds me of Sense8’s cluster, except they are only filled by two people.

I am genuinely in awe of its world building. The author weaves a different, distinct culture for each state in Amara’s world. The appearance, livelihood, magic, language. This book is cleverly planned and well researched. For a standalone, there is no shortage of history.

Like I said, Otherbound is a book I wouldn’t mind recommending to readers. If you’re looking for a unique story that doesn’t fall into YA’s default. This is for you.



Freshman Year (You Know Who Girls #1) by Annameekee Hesik

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I’ve been actively seeking light – coming out books and Freshman Year perfectly fits the category. It has a lot of relevant things to impart to its readers.

It is a book of firsts, falling without reservation, facing consequences, getting your heart broken throw in sports and friendship. TA-DA! We have a real winner here.





Daughters unto Devils by Amy Lukavics

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A horror slash paranormal book set in a prairie of the South? It sounds like an exhausted premise, but it worked remarkable well for me. Daughters Unto Devils is a classic horror. It is equally terrifying and nerve wracking.