HNS Exclusive Interview With Kaylee Keller


Check out our exclusive interview with singer, Kaylee Keller!

Your song “Diamonds” is a very uplifting and empowering song for young women and men who feel they do not fit in. It reassures them that they are diamonds no matter who they are. What was your inspiration for the song?

Kaylee: Every single Diamond is very unique. They are all different shapes, sizes, and colors. They all radiate in their own way and I wanted to capture this beautiful message in my song Diamonds. We are all valued and highly prized in God’s eyes.

Tell me about your experience of filming your first music video.

Kaylee: Imagine the most perfect cupcake, it was even better than that! When I arrived to a huge warehouse Nayip Ramos, Casey Schreffler and their team, actors, and the makeup artist were waiting for me. I truly felt so blessed despite no air conditioner and 100 degrees temp, not one person complained as they worked all day long until evening to serve me. What a humbling experience. I also loved the acting, scene changes, clothes changes and singing my song.

If you could perform a duet with any musician or band, alive or deceased, who would you choose? What song would you sing?

Kaylee: I have always wanted to do a song with rap interludes and I would have to pick Lecrae and the song “Jessie’s Girl” by Rick Springfield. Especially since I cannot rap! I can already see us recording in the studio. Lecrae’s rap part;  Jessie is your friend and you’re eyeing up his lady, You’re setting your self up for a front row seat to Hades. Me singing chorus; Don’t be looking at Jessie’s girl, Get your mind off of Jessie’s girl…

Who or what made you want to be a performer?

Kaylee: Have you ever heard of Snappy Dance? That’s the word I created at age 6 after watching Shirley Temple’s movies. I wanted to act, sing, and tap dance just like her. No matter what situation Shirley was in wether happy or sad, she always brought hope to the screen. Thats what I would like to do with my music.

“Diamonds” is a song that encourages people to be comfortable with themselves and to embrace the qualities they have been given. What is your advice to someone who is being bullied by peers because they do not fit in?

Kaylee: I think everyone at times in life can feel isolated, hurt, and alone. But DO NOT EVER stop believing in yourself. Keep moving forward because you are a Diamond.

If you were not singing, what would you want to do? And what do you usually do in your spare time when you’re not singing?

Kaylee: Taking away singing is like taking Steph Curry off of the Warriors, it just wouldn’t work.

Finally, what is your favorite song ever? Whatever comes to mind first!

Kaylee: One that comes to mind is “This Little Light Of Mine” by Addison Road. On a low volume level I had this song playing on repeat 24/7 in my bedroom because my shuffle iPod was broke and only played this song. This song makes me smile to this day.