Firefly Music Festival: Day 4


Last day of Firefly (Sunday, June 19)


Apologies for the delay in reporting but my MFB (Music Festival Bestie) & I had to leave straight from the festival & drive more than 3 hours back to work & “real-life”. Needless to say, we were exhausted. Sunday was a big day for us and it seemed Mother Nature had saved up most of her sun and heat especially for it. I think Luke Spiller (lead singer for The Struts) said it best when he was on stage, “I think I’m going to burn like a crisp!”

And that leads me into the start of Sunday’s adventures, The Struts!  When we arrived our first stop was the FYE tent to get our wristbands for The Struts signing we had bought CD’s for on Friday. The line wasn’t short but it wasn’t long either and it was hot! My MFB took the opportunity to run and fill our water bottles while I held our place in line.


The Struts were lovely and we couldn’t wait to watch them perform! We started to make our way to the Firefly stage to see Nathaniel Rateliff and The Nightsweats, remembering to stop by and take a survey of the St. Jude tent and to continually refresh their Instagram for new announcements. Sadly, we did not win any merchandise but a huge thank you goes out to St. Jude from HNS for all their hard work during the festival!

Nathaniel Rateliff and The Nightsweats were fantastic! It was my first time hearing them and I must say I was impressed and needless to say by the crowd’s reaction I was not the only one. Even in the heat they had the crowd on their feet and dancing!

IMG_1969 IMG_1972

Then it was back to The Lawn Stage for The Struts! (Guess who we saw: George! minus his Pouch Couch) Poor George 🙁


Luke Spiller of The Struts

If you’ve never heard The Struts, here’s a video for you to check out:

Now it was time to head to the barricade for Elle King and The 1975!! We were so impressed by Elle King-a spectacular performance! If you ever get the chance to see her live make sure you do! And check out these awesome photos that we got:

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After thoroughly enjoying Elle King and 3 hours of standing in the sun, it was time for The 1975. This was the third time we had seen them this year (Coachella as well as at The Sprint Pavilion in Charlottesville, VA) and we are huge fans! We don’t stand in a tight corral of people for 3 hours in the heat for just anyone! This concluded the second half of their US tour this year and if you’ve never seen The 1975 in concert all I can say is that they literally transform the stage immersing you in a uniquely spectacular show of light, sound and the charming dance moves of frontman Matty Healy. We later found out that it was also lead guitarist, Adam Hann’s birthday, so Happy Belated Birthday Adam!


Frontman Matty Healy performing his signature dance moves in a classy white leisure suit.


Lead guitarist and the birthday boy, Adam Hann.


Ross MacDonald on bass.


Jamie Squire – keyboards and guitar


John Waugh on saxophone.


Filling in for George Daniel on drums – Freddy Sheed of The Japanese House.

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The 1975 recently announced that they will begin touring again in December in the UK and continuing on to the US as well once again. To receive the most up-to-date information about The 1975, we suggest you subscribe to their mailing list here. (Note: they sold out the O2 arena in London with a capacity of 20,000 in a matter of a few days! So the sooner you can find out about ticket sales the better.)

Firefly 2016 concluded with Mumford and Sons who recently recorded an EP entitled “Johannesburg” in a matter of 2 days with various South African artists, some of whom joined them on stage.

Well Firefly 2016 is over, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t start counting the days until Firefly 2017!! We will be headed back to The Woodlands June 15-18, 2017. Limited numbers of presale tickets go on sale tomorrow (June 22). Join us!