Firefly Music Festival: Day 3



Day 3 with my MFB (Music Fest Bestie) was so much fun.  Saturdays are typically the most crowded day at these fests but this one started with a reasonably-sized crowd that grew as the day went on. It was never too crowded and the weather was PERFECT.


We arrived in the afternoon and once again beat feet to the St Jude tent only to discover we had JUST MISSED a meet and greet with Death Cab for Cutie <insert sad music here>.   Dejected, we roamed aimlessly to the Alex and Ani tent and did some retail therapy.  Feeling better we went and explored a new act (for us), Coleman Hell.  Oh boy, he was awesome.  Not sure how he survived in the leather jacket he wore the entire set but so glad he did because it was great.


If you’ve never heard him, you need to check him out.  Here’s a video:

While listening to Mr. Hell, we had the the most amusing time watching a fellow “Hellion” (just made that up, because I’m clever) trying to inflate his “totally foolproof, as seen on TV” Pouch Couch.  We laughed until we cried.  Literally. You’ll be happy to know that eventually the rascally Couch Pouch was wrangled into submission and sat upon.  Sometimes it takes a village, but eventually there are seats for everyone.

After Coleman Hell we stayed in the neighborhood and went ’round the corner to see, well, The Neighbourhood.  We’ve seen them perform twice before, once at Coachella and a second time as the opening act for Imagine Dragons.  Since then they’ve put out a second album and they seem to have grown as a band and as performers.  The set we saw was lightyears ahead of where they were just 3 years ago.  They were great; comfortable on stage, performing for the audience and the audience was loving every minute of it.


We then took a small break, drank a hard cider and meandered over to the Firefly stage to see Death Cab for Cutie.  Having missed out on the meet and greet, we made sure to register with St Jude to win the signed drumhead Death Cab for Cutie donated.  We will post a pic when we win it (because a dream is a wish your heart makes).  Probably don’t need to say outloud but Death Cab for Cutie rocked.  They performed songs from their first album that came out in 1998 and then more recent hits that everyone in the audience could sing along with.   As a special treat they brought out Lauren Mayberry, lead vocalist of Chvrches, she sang “Brothers on a Hotel Bed” with them and it was fabulous.


Then it was time for M83!!! We recently saw them at Coachella and were anxious to hear them again because the show is amazing fun with lights and visuals galore.  Check out these photos:



Please note the full moon that hung over Firefly last night and the iconic hot air balloon that graced the background.

The evening ended (for us) with Florence and the Machine.  DeadMau5 was also on last night for those night owls.

Tomorrow is the final day of Firefly 2016. Booooooo.  We will be seeing some of our favorite bands including The 1975, The Struts, Elle King and Mumford and Sons.  Can. Not. Wait.