Exclusive interview with Jennifer Morrison


You may know her as Emma Swan (or is it Emma Swan-Jones now?) from “Once Upon a Time” or Dr. Allison Cameron from “House.” However, Jennifer Morrison has been making waves in the directing business. Her movie, “Sun Dogs,”  will be released on Netflix on April 6. I had the chance to talk to Morrison about directing, “Sun Dogs,” Emma Swan and much more. Click the link below for the audio version of the interview and read below for more talk about “Sun Dogs” and general Jennifer Morrison information!


AUDIO INTERVIEW: Jennifer Morrison Interview

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“Sun Dogs” was unlike anything I have seen in a while. I laughed and I cried, which is a sure sign of a good movie. It was a meaningful movie that was so beautifully put together for viewers. It captured what it’s like to be different, and that chasing a dream, no matter your age, is possible. Morrison was drawn to this script because each character reminds her a bit about herself. And one of the reasons I found the movie so powerful is because each character really does capture your attention, and they make you realize you are just like them in your own way. Morrison emphasizes the fact that just like the main protagonist, Ned, she always felt like an outsider and tried her hardest to fit in, even though she always didn’t fit in. And like Ned, Morrison always longed to make a difference in the world since she was a little girl.

With an outstanding supporting cast, including, Allison Janney, Michael Angarano, Melissa Benoist and Ed O’Niell, the movie is one you don’t want to miss!

Morrison may be focusing on directing, but that doesn’t mean she’s giving up acting. In fact, she co-stars in “Back Roads” and the remake of “Superfly,” which will be coming out real soon. Between acting, directing and producing, she hopes one day she’ll find the story within her to write her own novel. But she has some things in the works. Also, factor in the recent news that she’ll be putting on the red leather jacket one more time as Emma Swan for the show’s series finale, she’s been keeping busy. 

A veteran of “Once Upon a Time,” playing Emma Swan, Morrison reflects on what she’s gleaned from her six-year portrayal of Emma. She talks about Emma’s journey, and how just like Emma, she’s gone on a journey as well. However, maybe not as extreme as Emma’s. After all, there’s not many dragons needing to be slain on Earth. She expresses that Emma had an outsider story, and that’s something Morrison says she’s always gravitated to. She talks about how over six years, how much Emma had changed: from finding love, to bringing down her walls. 

As for those pursuing a career in the arts, Morrison says to “do your best to make things.” If you want to film a movie, she says to get out your iPhone and do it. She explains that with technology in the world we live in currently, we all have the ability to use our voices to create projects. “Make the movie you want to make; write the script you want to write,” she says. 

“Sun Dogs” is out April 6 on Netflix!