Exclusive: HNS Interview With Musician Abbi Love


Read our exclusive interview with rising superstar, Abbi Love!


1. First off, it’s amazing that you’re so young and you have this wonderful talent! So, I want to know about your song writing process.
Thank you so much! My song writing process always starts with an idea or a story related to my life. Sometimes I get inspiration from a book I recently read or a show or movie I watched. Then, the words kind of just flow out of me, and I add a chord progression and a beat.
2. Who is one musician who you would love to do a duet with?
I would absolutely LOVE to sing a duet with Adele because we both have old souls and a deep passion for music. 
3. What was your inspiration for ‘Keys and Ivories? Tell me a little about the meaning behind this song.
“Keys and Ivories” can be interpreted in many ways. Sometimes, I think the song is about losing a person and trying to get them back, but sometimes for me, that person is my love for music and,’What would happen if I lost music forever?”
4. Is there someone that inspired you to start singing and playing the piano? Maybe a family member or a musician that you look up to?
I think my mom is a huge reason that I started music and a huge reason that I decided to pursue a career in music. My mom put me in piano lessons at a very young age, and made sure that music was always present in my life. Adele was another reason I was really inspired to pursue a career in music because I think she is very different from the rest of the artists on the radio. Adele has soul, and I think she just inspired me as an artist to be different. 
5. Finally, besides songwriting, singing and playing the piano, what do you like to do in your spare time?
In my spare time I love to cook and experiment with new recipes and making my own recipes. I also love writing stories, drawing, and spending time with my family.