18 Things We Learned About Manifest Season 3 at WonderCon


We tuned in to the Manifest virtual panel at WonderCon this past weekend, and had the best time catching up with all our favorites from the show. Read on to see what the Creator and actors teased about Season 3! But beware: this post contains spoilers galore.

A screenshot of the virtual ‘Manifest’ panel from 2021’s WonderCon @ home

Here are 18 things we learned from the panel!

  • It was confirmed that Grace and Ben’s baby will have some sort of supernatural abilities, which explains why Grace stopped getting the callings as soon as the baby was born.
  • Zeke will look better than when we last saw him!
  • To prepare for the underwater scene last season, actor Jack Messina (who plays Cal) did a 2-hour long scuba session.
  • Actress Luna Blaise stated that Olive should have a better time this season. 
  • When asked about the theme for this next season, Creator Jeff Rake explained that Season 2 was about understanding and embarking on a redemption path and Season 3 is about interconnectedness and how choices impact us all and looking at how redemption is all connected. He further explained how Cal was the first to see this in Season 1 Episode 5. 
  • One complication the characters will have to deal with this season is the news of the discovery of the tail fin breaking, which will happen in episode 2.It will make the whole world start to question, “Who are these people who returned? Are they even people?”
  • A new character will be introduced named Angelina Meyer (played by Holly Taylor). She was a passenger on the plane. We will meet her in unfortunate circumstances. And Zeke and Michaela will try to help her. She becomes close friends with Olive. She becomes an important part of the Stone family. 
  • Season 3, Episode 6 is a big one. It is the mid-season climax, so definitely don’t miss that one!
  • Ben and Saanvi will get the deepest into the tail fin mystery.
  • Something will physically separate Ben and Grace. The younger kids and Grace will go into hiding for some time, but that doesn’t affect their bond. 
  • Saanvi carries the weight of what happened last season (accidentally killing the Major) with her into Season 3. Her energy and paranoia surrounding that will be seen a lot in Season 3. 
  • Jared is getting a new love interest! But actor J.R. Ramirez says not to get your hopes up, as Jared’s track record isn’t good.
  • Jared will be spending a lot of the season investigating, and the actor teased how he never gets a day off because the Stone family keeps him busy.
  • We get to meet Grace’s half brother. We will see a little bit of Grace’s side of the family.
  • In regards to what Olive will be up to in Season 3, actress Luna Blaise revealed she and new character Angelina will create a bond and become close, as well as another (currently unknown) character. Olive will be a lot more sane this season. She still doesn’t get the callings, and she still wants to feel a part of the mystery. She’s still a good asset and finds out cool things. 
  • As for Cal, actor Jack Messina revealed Cal will get a lot of the action at the end of the season. The beginning of the season will see him going back to school and trying to be normal.
  • The callings in Season 3 will continue to evolve (like how in Season 1 it starts out with just hearing whispers, then by the end of Season 2 it’s seeing visions or premonitions). In Season 3, the callings will often now be filled with interactions between the characters while in the callings. 
  • The last two episodes of Season 3 will be a two-parter and will center around a homicide investigation inside a calling that will send Michaela and the others on a journey filled with lots of surprises.
Screenshot from the panel of newcomer Holly Taylor, who will play Angelina Meyer

We also got to see a long sneak peek that was filled with spoilers and so much goodness. Some things in this sneak peek were: boats, Ben speaking a foreign language, Ben, Cal, and Michaela all getting a vision of what looked like the passengers blowing up?! (don’t quote me on this… obviously it will make more sense when we see the full episode), Ben finding the boat that Cal saw in his vision, an unknown child in hiding (who we find out during the panel is played by actress Holly Taylor), and Zeke and Michaela on the beach enjoying their honeymoon! 

Manifest premieres Thursday, April 1st on NBC!