15 Things We Learned About Superman & Lois at WonderCon


We attended the Superman & Lois panel at WonderCon in Anaheim this past weekend. This was our favorite panel from the convention! Below we’ve listed out some of the fun tidbits we learned from the panel. 

15 Things We Learned From the Panel:

  • Tyler said that he really didn’t expect the show when he first played Superman on Supergirl. His original contract was for two episodes of Supergirl and he had no idea it would lead to a show. 
  • Tyler and Bitsie met an an Emmy party two weeks prior to filming starting. 
  • Tyler actually auditioned for Man of Steel! 
  • Originally, the script called for the twins to be a boy and a girl, before they decided to go with two boys. 
  • On the decision to have the show be set in Smallville versus Metropolis – they really wanted the show to be its own version, so they decided to set it in the small town of Smallville instead of Metropolis which has been done so many times before. 
  • Executive Producer Todd Helbing says that Tyler never complains. 
  • Tyler attributes his never complaining to his growing up playing sports – he was always taught  to keep going even when you’re tired. 
  • Bitsie likes playing the complexity and depth of being a mom. She also spoke of the miscarriage scene, which she described as very emotional and exhausting. 
  • On 4/26/22, we will have a whole Bizzaroworld episode! Bitsie teased that we have no idea what’s coming and that it’s on a huge scale and looks cool. 
  • Everyone is so glad the show didn’t go the Lois – Clark – Lana love triangle. 
  • It is to be decided if the twins will every get a superhero costume. 
  • Tyler loves that it is Clark that Lois was into initially, not Superman. There is a huge amount of love and respect there. 
  • Bitsie loves how protective they are of each other. 
  • Tyler was a big power rangers fan growing up. 
  • They teased we will get the answer to why no one’s every acknowledged the Flash, Supergirl, etc. 

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