TV Review: The Walking Dead (Season 6, Episode 11)


The Walking Dead, Season 6, Episode 11: Knots Untie

Well this episode was a bit more exciting. After the end of the last episode, with Jesus interrupting Michonne and Rick’s sexy time, we start off this time with Paul, aka Jesus, waiting in the hallway for Rick to get dressed.

He explains how his people need help, and maybe the two communities can help each other, given that neither side has enough supplies. The main ‘crew’ as I like to call them, go with this Jesus fellow to the Hill Top, all armed and ready for danger, but none comes. At least, not right away. The Hilltop looks like something out of a western, with small shacks and caravans and a big mansion used as base camp. It’s impressive how they built the set from scratch; just shows how dedicated the show makers are to keeping this as close to the comics as possible in terms of description.

Jesus takes Rick and his ‘crew’ to meet Gregory, who right off the bat I do not like. He screams ‘bad news!’ to me, and it’s obvious by how he ends up negotiating with Maggie that he thinks he’s the bees knees. But then we come to realise that Hilltop is essentially run by Negan. Yeah, that big nasty that’s just around the corner, he’s the big boss, and nobody likes to mess with him and his gang.

One of Negan’s guys, Ethan, comes back to Hilltop and has a not-so-happy discussion with Gregory about how supplies aren’t enough, before stabbing him. Then hell breaks loose and Rick is stabbing Ethan, blood all over his face, and he stands up, looks at everyone and goes ‘What?” Seriously? Rick. *laughs* When will you learn not to stab first and ask questions later? He’s quite funny how he makes such bad first impressions. Abraham is nearly choked to death, and I’m biting my nails hoping he doesn’t die. What with the almost foretelling with Abraham being so quiet and thinking about life and settling down. It feels like his demise is on the horizon. I sure hope not.

It was weird not having Carol with them on the trip. Also how Maggie was in charge of negotiations, and how well she dealt with Gregory’s creepiness, was so well done! I applaud her, for having the guts, for standing up for herself. All of it. In the end they settle on half of the Hilltop’s supplies (“and one of them cows” as Daryl says) in exchange for the Alexandrian’s help in dispatching Negan. I wonder how that’ll happen because we all know how badass Negan is, just going by rumours and the guys that were at the beginning of episode 9. The ones Daryl so bravely blew up.

Over all, this was the kind of episode that had a lot of promise, and sets up for the oncoming episodes. I can’t wait for next week. Apparently we’re going to see Negan early. AHHH Jeffrey Dean Morgan, here we come! 🙂