TV Review | The Walking Dead ‘Go Getters’ (Episode 5, Season 7)


There Be Spoilers Ahead!!

First off, I want to say I don’t think this episode was boring. A lot of reviews I’ve come across have said how it’s ‘the worst episode’ and ‘dull’. Sure, it wasn’t as action packed as previous episodes, maybe, but it still held its own. I was tense throughout certain parts, wondering what might happen between Gregory and Simon, for instance. 

Believe it or not, I actually like Maggie and Sasha. I know lots don’t, and they don’t think them worthy of an episode, but who cares what others think, eh? 

In ‘Go Getters’ we see Maggie recovering at the Hilltop where the doctor tells her she had a serious problem, with some separation in her womb – I’m not good with the terms so yeah – and that it’s recommended she stay with them for the duration of her pregnancy. Eight months? Wow, that’s quite a while to be with people who, as it turns out, don’t really want her there. At least, that’s what Gregory’s like, and he’s spineless so of course he was going to TRY and give them up to Negan’s men when they came to call.

Sasha is determined to stay with her, which is nice, especially since they both lost someone close to them – so I guess they can bond over that. Jesus – no, that’s not his real name – says he’ll help them. I’m getting the impression he likes Maggie…like more than a person he’s only just getting to know. 

Someone left the gates open and later in the night, music blasts from a car that is so locked up no one can break it open…okay, then. Sasha goes out to kill walkers, and Maggie – who is supposed to be resting – climbs out of the cabin the same way as Sasha, because all the doors were locked. She finds a tractor and runs over the walkers as well as the car. How fortuitous, just having a vehicle that would do that. The saviors turn up to claim how they were there to save them, but the Hilltop didn’t need their help.

Meanwhile in Alexandria, Rick has left to go on a supply hunt, leaving Carl to babysit, but when he sees Enid trying to leave by climbing over the really tall fence (why she didn’t use the front door, I don’t know) he claims, “I’m done saving you.” 

But look, when she’s “almost attacked” by a single walker and she freezes up – wimp! – Carl appears in a car, running over the walker and saving his damsel. Honestly, did he forget what he just said? He tells her then that he was just out for a drive. *cough* Yeah. Right.

The two of them stay close and he joins her on the walk to Hilltop to see Maggie. On their way Carl comes across a bag filled with rollarskates. Um…they just *happen* to fit them? Both pairs? That’s some coincidence. It made me laugh. If that were me, they’d be too small. When they get to the outskirts of Hilltop and see Simon (Negan sent him to be the second Negan) and his cronies taking half of everything, she asks Carl “you weren’t just out for a drive, were you?”

You have to ask yourself: is she really that dim witted? Or is she playing up to be all innocent? Because wow, of course he wasn’t out for a drive. Idiot.

Carl is on a revenge hunt and is set out to kill Negan. I tell ya, that’s not gonna end well. They kiss goodbye – like, apparently, they’re all swoony over each other now, despite having spent a total of a couple hours (screen time) in each others company. Baffling. On a side note: I feel that Chandler Riggs aka Carl really needs to get a hair cut.

It seems to me that Maggie would be a better leader than Gregory, since all he does is think about himself, forget people’s names and just… be an overall jerk to people. After telling Sasha that he’d find Negan’s home, Jesus hops in the back of one of the trucks that leaves with their stuff, and who does he find lurking around the boxes?

One eyed Carl. 

That boy’s gonna get them all killed one day. *shakes head*

Until next week.