TV Review: The 100 Season 3, Episodes 2 & 3




I thought this time I’d do a double feature, discussing both the second and third episode of season 3.

I have to say I did enjoy these episodes a lot more. I had become worried that the rest of the season would be as complicated as episode 1 from this season, but nope. Although there were points that bugged me, it wasn’t nearly as much as in my last review.

We start by seeing Clarke being taken by a member of the Ice Nation, and as before, Bellamy and his crew, as I’m going to call it, searching for her. The Arkers come across another load of people that look like grounders but are actually survivors from the Ark. There’s Monty’s mother and a few others we don’t really get introduced to.

Bellamy goes alone to find Clarke, which was a stupid idea because he let his emotions cloud his judgement and lo-and-behold he got injured. I’m still unhappy with the girl playing his girlfriend, because it’s obvious Clarke and Bellamy are for life. Jaha is still out there with Murphy doing some crazy shit with pills that take him to another place. Basically, he’s tripping on something huge.

Here’s a few points that bugged me:

  • First you have Jasper and his never ending tales of woe. So far I’m not warming to him, and that’s sad because like I said in my last review, I’d liked him in the first couple seasons.
  • Then as I mentioned above you have Jaha who quite frankly just needs to die a real quick death. He’s nuts, and I don’t get why he’s still getting any screen time.
  • Once again you have the subtitles because of the made up language. In small doses it’s fine, but for long periods of time? No thanks.
  • Honestly I’m confused on who is fighting whom and what side I should be rooting for. I mean, yeah the Sky People are my people, but some of them are crossing over into other groups and man…yeah I’m lost. What was that about it not being as complicated?
  • Lexa. Please, someone kill her for me? I didn’t like her in the last season and that was before she betrayed Clarke and everyone during the last episode with the Mountain Men. Now she’s back and I just…okay yes she’s a good actress, and she’s obviously doing something right to get a rise out of me, but she’s SO…so…argh!
  • Clarke would NEVER bow to Lexa after what she did. No. I don’t get why one minute Clarke is like “I will never bow to you” and then the next she’s doing the exact opposite to what she said. It makes no sense.

Good points:

  • Clarke finally lost that stupid hair dye.  It was about damn time, too. Seeing Clarke in action was nice.
  • There was much more story going on this time and I could follow a bit better. The crew go to the Mountain where there’s medical supplies in order to help fix a grounders injury. I can’t remember his name other than he’s played by Ty Olsson. Great guy. He warns the Arkers that the ice nation are starting a war.
  • The scenery in these episodes were amazing, and I was trying hard to pin point where it could have been… One building that Lexa’s in looks like the leaning tower of Pisa, but that can’t be right. Huh.
  • I could feel the pain radiating from Bellamy over him not wanting to lose Clarke and that made me sad. But a kind of…sympathetic sad. Because those two are my OTP!
  • Kane and Abby <3 I’m feeling the love.
  • Octavia, Raven, all kicking ass!
  • Despite hating Lexa, her fighting skills are ace.

Over all I enjoyed these episodes and I look forward to next week and what it’ll bring. I’m intrigued to see how they manage to get out of the sticky situation that happened in the last ep. That clearly someone tricked Bellamy, Octavia and so on to go stop the summit. And of course now the Mountain place was blown up and there’ll be the aftermath of that.