“The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel” 5×01-5×03: Still Marvelous


“The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel” is back for season 5!

Midge Maisel is back for one final show! It’s bittersweet, really because while I am excited for a new season, I’m bummed this will be the last curtain call, as it were. One of your favorite shows ending is never fun, but as they say in the theatre, the show must go on.

Season 4 of “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel” was not my favorite season to date. Suffice to say, I was a little wary going into season 5. As it’s the last, it needs to be AMAZING. So far, it is not disappointing.

About those flash forwards…

Now, this was a clever and unique way to begin a season. Season 5 starts with Esther as a grown woman. She’s in therapy and clearly not impressed with her mother’s success and antics throughout the years. Episodes 2 and 3 also start with flash forwards that bring more drama to the story.

We also see an adult Ethan who’s left behind his glitzy and rich upbringing for a labor intensive job out of the country. While I am not shocked that Midge had great fame in her life — after all, wasn’t that the point of the show? To showcase her start in comedy? — what shocked me was Midge as a whole. Throughout the first seasons, Midge has always had a pretentious air about her, but it was never mean spirited. It was just part of who she was and it was in her own quirky way. However, future Midge is just pretentious and selfish and clearly let the fame go to her head.

It’s interesting how the show took this direction this season. Also, showing what happens when a show ends is clever, but I wonder how it’ll all piece together at the end of the season. Don’t think that I forgot about not yet hearing/seeing Lenny in any of those flash forwards. Though, if the show goes in the historical route of Lenny Bruce, well, that’s a huge bummer, and I will be sad about it.

Characters that still make you lol

I think “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel” is best at creating likable and hilarious characters. For instance, Rose and Abe, along with Shirley and Moishe, completely steal each episode. Their characters are hilarious and are always getting into some pretty unbelievable and whacky situations. So many notable antics happen in the first three episodes: Abe’s development into a writer and being so destroyed by a little typo that he calls everyone who’s subscribed to the paper; Rose going unhinged trying to extract revenge against fellow matchmakers; Shirley becoming “purse snack champ” and showing up at Joel’s club; Moishe still giving Midge a thumbs down for her comedy.

Hands down, the pair of parents are comedy gold! Let’s not forget Abe experimenting with the sexual move of putting his hand on Rose’s thigh during dinner. Scandalous! And, of course, Shirley and Moishe’s showdown at the end of episode 3 while Midge is at Joel’s bar will not be forgotten. They have the best onscreen comedy chemistry.

Midge and Susie are also in the thick of making their own career moves. I like that Midge started a new adventure in TV writing, even if her boss is a swarmy dude. That move he made on Midge at the ice skating party was completely slimy. It’s nice to see Midge explore different avenues of her comedic journey.

Joel, while not my favorite character, is going through it this season. With Mei and the baby no longer in his life, he’s hit a rough patch. This was seen in a cringy scene at his club.

A few surprises and more fun antecedotes

  • Lenny heading out West and then juts peacing out was unexpected. I hope he comes back for at least one more episode!
  • Mei leaving was also surprising. She brought out a good side in Joel, and she was quirky and fun.
  • Shirely and Moishe just dropping they were divorced at Thanksgiving like it was nbd was equal parts confusing and shocking.
  • It was funny seeing Milo Ventimiglia’s character come back for a redemption arc of sorts.
  • What happened to Midge to give her such a HUGE head in the future?!
  • Shirely wanting everyone in the club to wear sweaters was amazing. Lol.
  • Having Midge in a writer’s room this season adds a different vibe to the show — one which I enjoy seeing. It shakes some things up!
  • Who the heck was that picture of that Susie picked up at Midge’s new place of employment?
  • Dinah needs a bigger role this season — she’s hilarious.
  • I’d be remiss to not mention the sweet scene at the end of episode 3 when we see Shirley holding a blue and pink stocking she knitted for the baby and Moishe offering her comfort. Aw.

Needless to say, I am going to need the next episode asap. I’m so curious to see how the rest of the season will turn out. There’s so many things that need to be addressed. Also, none of my ships are ending up together in the shows I watch, so it might be too much for Midge and Lenny to have anything else. Seeing from the flash forwards, I think my luck with TV ships is still not going well. But I have some hope!

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