The Fall Guy – Extended Cut Review


Rating: 3/5


Loosely based on the TV show, “The Fall Guy” gets a big screen release. But this version gives us an additional twenty minutes not seen in theaters. Colt Seavers is one of the best stuntmen in Hollywood. After an accident forces him to retire, he leaves the industry and the woman he loves. But when an actor he doubled for goes missing, Colt must spring back into action and find him. The catch? This actor is starring in his ex’s film, so the two will have to work closely in order to solve the mystery. Can these former lovers put the past aside to find their actor? Or is there more to this mystery than meets the eye?


“The Fall Guy” is a perfectly fun piece of entertainment to begin the summer movie season. It has two big movie stars headlining the poster and offers a fun little story for moviegoers. There’s plenty of charisma to go around as Ryan Gosling and Emily Blunt have great chemistry with one another. Without their dynamic, the film wouldn’t have been as strong. Hannah Waddingham and Aaron Taylor-Johnson provide nice supporting performances as the villains too. Built around the charisma of the cast is a fun plot. What starts out as a light hearted action movie with a hint of romantic comedy unfolds into something more. I was surprised at how much espionage was thrown into the mix. This helps the film stand out and have its own flavor amongst others in the genre. By the final third, uncovering the mystery is the central premise of the story. I enjoyed seeing how the film combines the action, romance, and mystery all at once. Credit to director David Leitch for balancing everything so well. There is a certain style that he carries from “Bullet Train” to this one. The stylized action and glossy look to the screen is present here too. I’d say “The Fall Guy” does a little more than it needed to but doesn’t reach the heights that will have viewers talking about it later in the year. 


Although “The Fall Guy” is a refreshing experience with some new content, the marketing made the film look more generic than it is. It seemed like a simple, formulaic action comedy that comes a dime a dozen these days. After seeing the movie, I think there’s more to it than what the trailers showcased. Sure, much of the humor is surface level and the action doesn’t compare to the best of the genre. But the mystery element of the story is largely hidden which is unfortunate. That was the most interesting part of the story. With a competitive movie market and high ticket prices, it doesn’t surprise me that most have decided to wait until streaming to catch this one. That’s too bad because the film offers more than the trailers would indicate. That being said, I don’t think the movie stands out as one of the year’s most memorable. The humor is modern and quippy for the most part, aligning with the current trend that Marvel has set in the industry. I also found the story to be somewhat predictable. There weren’t any gasp worthy moments that changed my perception of previous events in the story. 

What’s New with the Extended Cut?

As far as new content goes, the film doesn’t offer many new scenes. It moreso features extensions of conversations or more background to a situation. There is one action scene that is extended from the theatrical cut which is neat. When Colt is in a high speed chase with a drug dealer, the playout of the sequence is longer. This was a nice scene to extend as it keeps the adrenaline going for most of the film. Some dialogue exchanges between Gosling and Blunt are also extended, giving us more insight into their relationship. There was also more content from Waddingham’s character, adding to her devious plans in the film. But I would still recommend the original version of the film as it maintains a better pace. At a nearly two and a half hour runtime, this extended cut has some lulls. The zippy two hour runtime of the theatrical cut doesn’t lose its edge without the extra twenty minutes. Especially with many viewers complaining about the runtime of movies nowadays, I’d say the extended cut is mainly for fans of the film who want to see more. Those who are seeing the film for the first time should probably stick to the theatrical cut as it entertains without overstaying its welcome.