‘Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour” Movie Review


“Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour” Movie Rating: 5/5, obviously

The hottest tour of the year, perhaps the century, arrives on the big screen in a movie-concert format.

I was lucky enough to attend the Eras Tour concert in Chicago back in June, and it was one of the greatest concerts — days — of my life. Of course, I had to see the movie too because the concert made you want more. (I may or may not be going to the Indy concert next November, too…). Though not as exciting as seeing the concert live, it was still so much fun as a Swiftie to see with my popcorn bucket and cup in hand. Don’t forget the free poster the theatre gives out!

The Eras — my absolute favorite parts

When you’re a Taylor Swift fan, it’s hard to choose your favorite part of the movie. However, I do have my favorite eras anyway, and they align with my favorite albums.

Hands down, my favorite Era of the film was 1989 — it’s also my #1 album that she’s put out. Each song that was included from the era was perfectly selected. My favorite was “Style,” and “Shake It Off” just went so hard. Doesn’t it always? That era is just so much fun!

The Reputation Era was a close second. The transition between “Don’t Blame Me” and “Look What You Made Me Do” was the most clever thing, and I think about it often. It was SO GOOD. You have to watch it yourself to understand this. I know she put out the live version of “Cruel Summer,” but I am going to do need these two songs, as well. Just like the overall tone of the album, the Reputation album was edgy and catchy.

My favorite performance, seeing live and in the theatre, was “My Tears Ricochet.” The song is so haunting in general, but her performance was just as haunting. Like it gave me CHILLS. That song has quickly become one of my favorites.

Because I can’t just pick one favorite performance, I will also say “Karma” is one of the most entertaining performances of the movie. Maybe it’s because it’s the final song of the movie, but the energy that the song brings is contagious — the backup dancers really bring their all during it, too. It’s the perfect hype song, making it the best song to end the movie with. Plus, it’s one of my favorite songs.

The costumes and overall aesthetics

One of my favorite things about Taylor Swift is that she knows how to put on a show. From the costumes to the dancing, to the sets, everything was so well thought out. The stage reflected each Era, whether it be the stage floor or the screen in the background (or both), it captured the journey through each album, such as the giant “Fearless” guitar on the stage floor, the cabin during “folklore” and of course the “Lover” house. You were truly transported back to those eras.

My favorite aesthetic was the “Speak Now” era. I love the colors and the sparkles and the nostalgia that it brought me. It was so calming and beautiful. But “All Too Well’s” aesthetic brought me right into the middle of fall, which was great timing.

Now, the costumes! All the sparkles and sequins were speaking my language. Even her backup dancers and singers looked so glam. If I had to choose my favorite costume, it was her “All Too Well” long blazer coat and “The Man’s” blazer dress. Like, where can I get those? Each outfit illustrated the eras so well. Also, I am going to need those knee-high silver boots asap. SO MUCH SPARKLES — LOVE!

Final thoughts

This is a great, fun movie to see with your friends. My sister and I were singing throughout the entire movie, and the energy of other fellow Swifties was so fun to see! Even if you’re not a huge Taylor Swift fan, it’s definitely worth the watch. Who knows? You might even become a fan after watching it.

The film is a bit lengthy, about 3 hours, so keep that in mind. I went to the 10 p.m. showing on opening night, so it was a long night! However, no regrets.

GO SEE IT! And if you’ve seen it already, maybe go see it another time because it’s just that good.

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