Taylor Swift takes back her reputation: What we know so far

Taylor Swift - Look What You Made Me Do screen grab

Taylor Swift has made the comeback of the decade, if we say so ourselves, which we do. Three years was just way too long to wait for a new Taylor song and music video. Her new song, “Look What You Made Me Do” makes you want to don a black leather jacket, put on red lipstick and a pair of heels to conquer the world and put the haters in their rightful place. She’s taking back the power, or as the album is notably called, her reputation.

Here’s what we know by her latest song and music video:

Taylor isn’t playing games

Don’t mess with Taylor Swift. In the past, her songs have always had a playful tone to them, even her more revengeful songs. However, “Look What You Made Me Do” seems to be a whole new ball park for the former country singer. Taylor is here to stay, and she’s making it known that she’s not afraid of what the media or fellow celebrities say about her. She means business, and her new album is going to shut down some of the negativity she has around her name. She has the power now. 

She’s putting some people in their places

Hmmm….who is Taylor Swift referring to in her music video? My guess: Katy Perry and Kanye West. Taylor Swift is done standing off to the side, and her newest song and music video proves that she’s not putting up with her most notable trolls. This new Taylor is definitely someone I can get behind. No, I do not know Taylor personally, but she uses her platform for so much good, and the hate she gets is ridiculous. Slay it, Tay.

She even mocks herself in the end of her video, portraying her former selves. Her former personas say something that the media has said about her. Throughout the whole music video, the references to her haters were left and right. Tilted stage? The snakes? The cheetah? You messed with the wrong girl. 

This album is going to be hella edgy

One word: edgy. We’re so used to Taylor’s feel-good and sometimes sad songs, but this album is sure to bring out our dark sides. She went full Dark Swan (I couldn’t resist the Once Upon a Time reference). Like I said, she’s making a comeback in one hell of a way. She’s taking a whole new direction with her upcoming album. We were surprised when her last album was a pop album, but I think this upcoming one will be more of a shock. I am so ready for it. Goosebumps! 

Taylor Swift reigns as queen of the music biz

Once again, Taylor Swift will rule the music industry when Reputation is released. I expect tons of Grammys for her with this album. I am convinced Taylor can do any music genre, and we’ve been shown that she really can. A lot of artists only stay in one genre, but not Taylor. On top of being versatile in singing genres, she can play multiple instruments, write her own music and probably rule the world. But we already knew that. Also, she knows how to entertain in her music video. I went from being creeped out to empowered!

November cannot come soon enough, but the wait will so be worth it. It’s exciting to see this new, bad ass Taylor Swift. Are you excited for her newest album? What did you think of her new music video? Sound off below!