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Gran Turismo Review

Rating: 3.5/5 Synopsis: Summer movie season concludes with an interesting true story. Instead of focusing on gaming, "Gran Turismo" decides to showcase a human character who plays the video games....
"Oppenheimer" Rating: 4/5 Christopher Nolan tackles a dense historical drama that is endlessly intriguing. It follows the career of J Robert Oppenheimer, long regarded as the father of the nuclear bomb....

“Air” Review

"Air" Rating: 4/5 Ben Affleck returns to the director’s chair after a brief hiatus (I’ll still miss his Batman). Here, he aims to tackle a sports drama centering around Nike’s gamble on Michael Jordan.

“Devotion” Review

"Devotion" Rating: 3.5/5 Synopsis After the success of "Top Gun: Maverick," it’s inevitable that "Devotion" would draw comparisons. Although this film is very different, I still think its worth checking...

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