Review: The Walking Dead Season 7 Episode 2 ‘The Well’



It’s another week and compared to the last episode (remember, the bloody brutal premiere episode where Negan .. Oh can’t. I can’t. *shudders*) – this one was very mild. In fact I’d go as far as to say there wasn’t much that actually happened, in terms of any significant changes or any real fighting, though we are introduced to new characters, so that’s always exciting. We get to see Carol again (yay!) and boy, she didn’t disappoint. After having being shot and close to death (well, I assume she would have been if left alone) at the end of season 6, Morgan saved her (I never used to like Morgan, but lately I kinda want him and Carol to hook up. It seems inevitable. It’s obvious he likes Carol a lot.) and two men on horses come to take them to a settlement called The Kingdom, run by a man calling himself King Ezekial.

He’s a very wild sort of man, who owns a tiger. Wow.
Carol’s first meeting with him is funny, as she can’t believe what she’s seeing and you can tell she wants to laugh. He’s a joke to her.  I just love the innocent act she puts on and yet we, the viewers, now know her well enough to know… She’s up to something. I’m still a bit unsure whether I like Ezekial or not, but I guess we’ll have to wait and see. 

It turns out the Kingdom are growing produce and supplying meat for the Saviours, and in secret, they’re making the pigs they herd together, eat walkers rather than actual clean meat. It’s disgusting but wow is it smart… Unless of course they (being the Saviours) discover what they’re up to. That won’t be good. I’m crossing my fingers they remain ignorant. I’m curious to know if the Saviours could get ill from it, though.

I’m not sure how Carol and Morgan are going to cope when or if they discover what has happened to their friends in Alexandria. I’m both hoping and dreading that Carol will go murderous again.  She’s so fierce and cool…but Negan is another force entirely.

When Carol tries to escape the Kingdom, Ezekial finds her sneaking fruit (ironically the same fruit she said no to earlier on in the episode…pomegranates, I think) and sees through her innocent act. He attempts to stop her, but we all know Carol, she doesn’t like to stay where she feels she doesn’t belong. She’ll do her own thing. He confides in her about who he really is. It’s a heartwarming moment and a real bonding experience.

In the end, Carol decides to stay in a house just outside the Kingdom, but I wonder what the end meant, when Ezekial visits. I mean, he changed clothes. Does that mean…anything, or am I just grasping at straws? Haha, anyway, until next week, I guess.