RECAP: 2023 Independent Creative Media Awards

Photo Credit: E.Jepson

As we continue through the beginnings of 2024, we will look back at some highlights of 2023. HNS was at an independent awards event that celebrated young, up-and-coming aspiring filmmakers in London. The event was chaired and presented by Zarine Murray, a talented young British filmmaker who started this event. She also used the event to highlight new emerging young talent at the event, who she had worked with through her ZM Films production Company.

Photo Credit: E. Jepson
British Filmmaker and Awards Host Zarine Murray (Right) presenting an award.

Zarine was very proud of not just being a young black filmmaker from London, but also networking and encouraging her fellow artists to keep being creative and develop new raw talent to improve and evolve. Telling stories from diverse point of views is extremely important in any level of filmmaking and telling stories, which is why it is important that these are featured. It is important to support Independent filmmaking, something I always advocate for and encourage up and coming talent to do, both in front of and behind the camera.

Below is some of the young filmmakers and musicians featured at the event that were showcased:

Lawrence Wolff: Editor and Filmmaker Musical Composer: Jolene Khor

Poi Jonesy: Trainee Film Director

Craig Talbot: Film Director and Writer

Irene Lance and Neil Tasha : Actors

Natasha Katkova-Milner: Actor/Dancer

Below is from Zarine Murray’s YouTube Channel: