Our top 3 favorite Taylor Swift music videos


Asking to list your top three Taylor Swift music videos is like asking someone to solve a complicated geometry problem. It’s not easy, and it requires a whole lot of brain power and contemplation. However, we always have those top three moments in everything: TV shows, movies, books, musical artists, etc. Taylor Swift music videos are no different. She’s had some amazing music videos — some that you watch over and over until you realized you’ve missed lunch and dinner and it’s 2 a.m. 

So, after debating over her many fantastic music videos, I have somehow managed to pick my top three. This was so hard. However, we had to honor Taylor after she won for the best tour at the iHeart Music Awards tonight, which that tour was all kinds of spectacular! 

“Blank Space”

Don’t mess with Taylor. This is a classic. Part of the reason I loved this one is because it’s so aesthetically pleasing. From the setting to her outfits (which can I have those?) to the song itself, everything just went together so well. Plus, it was pretty entertaining seeing Taylor Swift all cray-cray: throwing the guy’s phone in a fountain, stabbing that cake, etc. This music video taught us not to mess with TSwift. Man, they should’ve gotten the clues before she went all Dark Swan for the Reputation era. She was so fierce in this one.


This song has always been so meaningful to me, and it’s probably why the music video ranks so high up in my rating. She spun it so it was an old-fashioned setting — she was even tied up on a railroad like all those cheesy old movies. Overall, the message illustrated throughout the music video proved that good always reigns over the bad. It shows loneliness, discouragement that soon turns into being the queen of your own dang life, and I think that’s what makes this music video great. 


I ADORE THIS ONE! It’s silly, and it’s so Taylor Swift. After “Look What You Made Me Do,” I was expecting edgy Taylor all throughout the Reputation era. So to see “Delicate” as goofy as it was, it was like a sense of nostalgia. She just lets herself be herself all throughout the music video. I mean, that dancing and her making faces in the mirror was something else, and I loved every moment of it. “Delicate’s” music video was a reminder to ourselves to just be ourselves, to let ourselves dance in the rain.

Also, I visited the bar in which some of this music video was shot in LA, and I just wanted to dance out in the streets as she does in the music video. However, it was like midnight, and I was jetlagged, so that wasn’t going to happen, but it was a thought.

“22” and “Story of Us” were close contenders for this post. Actually, all of her music videos are pure genius, so they were ALL close contenders, but I had to stick to my top three. What’s your favorite Taylor Swift music video? Tell us in the comments!