Hulu’s “Future Man” is Today’s Gift


In preparation for Future Man’s Season 2 – which we’re STILL (not so) patiently waiting on a release date for (Come on, Hulu!), we wanted to share our thoughts on the glorious first season to tell you why you should grab that remote and get binging.

From the title of this piece I think you can tell that I’m about to deliver good news.  I took a bullet (a bullet of rainbows and joy) for the team and watched (read: binged) the first season of Hulu’s original show, “Future Man,” starring Josh Hutcherson.  I was hesitant to get started on the show because I really, really like Hutcherson and I did not want to have to cringe in embarrassment and struggle to find something, ANYTHING, good to say.  However, I am pleased to say that not only is Future Man one heck of a good, fun show but Hutcherson is damn good in it.  Besides me, who will like this show, you ask?  Wellll, fans of 1980’s movies, specifically sci-fi and action will get a kick out of the show; anyone with any degree of nostalgia for the 1980’s and all its glories (BIG hair, baby pink t-shirts, Valley speak, headbands…) will like it; those who love nutty situations and deadpan delivery of insane dialogue will love it; fans of Seth Rogan (he and Hutcherson are producers) will be well entertained; and, the list goes on.  Suffice it to say, I believe you will like it. 

Hutcherson’s character, cleverly named “Josh Futturman,” is a janitor wondering if his life will ever amount to anything.  The one thing he’s super good at is a video game and winning that game one night changes the trajectory of his life and introduces us to The Future. The Future arrives in the form of purple-haired loud-talking, take-no-prisoners woman named Tiger (Eliza Coupe) and her equally dedicated but easily diverted partner, Wolf (Derek Wilson).  The two have arrived to yank Josh into what is left of the The Resistance and save humanity’s future by altering its past.  Think “Terminator” meets “Back to the Future” with a splash of “This is the End” for spice.  In fact, I’m sure that’s how it was pitched.  The 13 episodes of Season 1 take you back and forth through time, pairing big-screen action sequences with hilarious dialogue and crazy situations that the characters live through like its no big deal.  

Before you sit the kids on the couch to watch, I do want to caution that this is not really a kid’s show.  People use the “F-word,” a lot.  There is sex talk and innuendo and situations that you will need to decide who in your family is ready to watch.  However, if you are a Big Person who can watch whatever the F you want, then HEY! This is for you!  (And to all you JHutch fans….rumor has it that next season you will see a lot of him.  *wink,wink*  if you know what I mean.)  Review in a nutshell:  This is so much fun to watch and God bless Hulu.