HNS Recommendation: SCREAM VI


Meet the new core four!

The switch from the sleepy town of Woodsboro to the giant landscapes of iconic New York City was a massive shake-up for the Scream franchise. Iconic killer Ghostface returns for more bloodlust, more brutality, and more viciously than ever before. The now dubbed Core Four, sisters Sam and Tara Carpenter and twins Chad and Mindy Meeks-Martin, survived the traumatic events of Scream 5 over a year before and have relocated for college in New York City. Thinking that they have put the horrors behind them, little do they know that some ghosts refuse to stay buried in the past and will continue to haunt them in the present and effect their futures. They are joined by legacy characters such as Gale Weathers (Courtney Cox) and Kirby Reed (Hayden Panettiere). We are introduced to newcomers such as Dermot Mulroney, Josh Segerra, Devyn Nekoda, Samara Weaving and Liana Liberato. It is very enjoyable how Scream is self-deprecating, self-aware of its place in the genre and the modern take of pre-existing legendary franchises. The Scream franchises tackle dark legacies, birthrights, and how we can run away from them or embrace them, but one way or another we will have to eventually confront them. The film has performed amazingly well in cinemas since its release in March.

Below we introduce you to the new generation of characters: The Core Four


Sam Carpenter has been dealing with a lot since her world changed forever after she found out that she was the biological daughter of famed serial killer Billy Loomis (Skeet Ulrich) – a lie that crushed her relationship with her mother and forced her to leave her younger sister Tara and family behind for 5 years. It affected her mental health even more after she began to see visions of her biological father and original ghost face Billy Loomis whom speaks to her. This is the manifestation of Sam’s subconscious and fear of becoming like him, and embracing the darkness, anger and vengeance which consumed him and drove him to do evil acts and murders over 27 years ago in Woodsboro. She shows a strength, an inner spirit to battle and a bravery to face everything despite the trauma these events carry over with her. She will do whatever it takes to protect her sister and friends and will not let Tara out of her sight, though she will have to tap into her dark nature and the legacy she fears to truly battle the most brutal incarnation of Ghostface. Melissa Barrera puts on a visceral performance which without doubt levels up her character and arc for future installments to come. She looks like a real star and scream queen on screen.

Sam Carpenter: “There’s A Darkness Inside Of Me. It Followed Me Here. And It’s Going To Keep Coming For Us”


Tara Carpenter has been trying to recover after the traumatic events of Woodsboro over a year previously, where she was attacked by a new Ghostface killer, which started a new series of killings. Having survived that with her sister Sam, she moved to attend college in New York on the other side of the country, not wanting to be defined by what she experienced with the rest of the core four in Woodsboro. We get to see the true outgoing personality of Tara, a bright, brave and smart outgoing woman who enjoys spending time with her friends at college, but often clashes with her sister Sam who has become overly protective of her. Tara and Sam will need each other more than ever with Ghostface stalking them in New York City. As Jenna Ortega’s star power continues to rise, she brings new layers to Tara for the audience to discover.

Tara Carpenter: “It means I’m not going to let what happened to us for three days define the rest of my life”


Chad has come a long way since moving from Woodsboro. The once popular high school jock and twin brother of Mindy has evolved into a caring friend amongst the group. Like Tara, he is trying to put the traumatic events behind him. He has developed a protective awareness and suspicion for those he feels may threaten them. For Chad, he is protecting his family, and this is illustrated by his loyalty to them and the newfound deeper friendship and possible romance he starts to explore with Tara. But that has to be put to the wayside with a new Ghostface killer stalking them all over New York. He is even the one who coins the term for them of ‘the core four’. Mason Gooding brings a likable charisma and endearing qualities to Chad that in the hands of a lesser actor would not have been possible.

Chad Meeks-Martin: “Survivors got to stick together”

MINDY MEEKS-MARTIN (Jasmine Savoy Brown)

Mindy is the twin sister of Chad. She is razor-sharp, intelligent, quick-witted, self-deprecating and a super film buff with an expertise in the horror genre. Like Sam and Tara, she has legacy from the original Woodsboro murders, as her uncle is the late Randy Meeks who was the horror go-to expert in the original Scream movies. She inherited his talents to understand the ever-evolving rules of horrors and modern film franchises, utilizing brilliantly to try and work out who is trying to hunt and kill them. She herself is also suffering from the traumatic events, having thought that they would be able to leave the horrible memories behind them. Jasmine Savoy Brown almost steals every scene she is in. The banter between her and Chad is brilliant and she has this infectious, charismatic energy whenever she is on screen. The future is bright for Jasmine Savoy Brown.

Mindy Meeks-Martin: “It would make sense if this were just a sequel. But we’re not in a sequel, because nobody just makes sequels anymore. We’re in a franchise!”

SCREAM VI will soon be available on streaming service Paramount Plus, after its cinema run in May 2023.

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