Get Ready For “The Tortured Poets Department”


We at Hollywood News Source are ecstatic for Taylor Swift’s next album, “The Tortured Poets Department.” As a lifelong Swiftie myself, I am more than ready for what is sure to be an angsty breakup album. I am equal parts ready and not ready.

However, before we dive into this new Taylor Swift album, the need to reminisce about my favorite past eras is strong. It’s a hard task to pick your top five songs, but I’d argue that it’s near impossible to pick your favorite three albums. But I did! So, without further ado, my favorite three albums (in no particular order).


There’s something about this album that just speaks to me. The story weaving that ensues throughout the album is magical and makes for a breathtaking listening experience. It’s equal parts haunting and whimsical while still holding true to Taylor Swift’s original lyricism.

“My Tears Ricochet” is, hands down, in the top three of my favorite songs. Not to mention, that performance from the tour lives rent-free in my head. It takes my breath away with the eerie tone of the song. And let’s not forget that BRIDGE. Chills.

There is no skip on this album (or any, really), but especially not this one. I could play it on repeat and not get sick of it.


“1989” gives me so much nostalgia, which is probably why it ranks in my top three. I was heading into my freshman year of college at the time, initiating a new start, just like Taylor Swift talks about in “Welcome to New York.” The album was an all-around fresh start. It’s bubbly and fun — not to mention this was her segue into a new genre. While some were skeptic, I was all for it. With the way Taylor Swift writes and sings, this was a good move on her part. Switching genres makes for an exciting experience, and as a long-time fan, I was going to support her no matter what.

Whenever a song from “1989” comes on, you can’t help but want to dance. But there are a couple songs that are more deep and meaningful. This album brings you on a journey of emotions, and you can find a song for any mood.

When I think of this album, I think of “Style.” MY ALL-TIME FAVE! There’s not a song like it in any of her other albums, in my opinion.


“Midnights” quickly went up in my rankings — almost right away. I think it’s a more relatable album in some aspects. Some songs dig a little deeper, but some are whimsical songs that you can sing along to with your friends. There’s just something so special about this album. You can’t forget the absolute masterpieces of music that were on the deluxe edition of the album, as well.

The namesake of the album is true to its core. It’s the epitome of songs you listen to when you’re lying awake at night — it goes through all the ranges of emotions.

Of course, I’d be remiss to mention my favorite song off this album, which is “Karma.” You cannot deny that this song is everything and more. I am obsessed with this song.

I can’t finish this article without making an honorable mention to “reputation.” That album always teeters within the top three for me, but alas, I had a decision to make. I love the edginess that “reputation” brings. I think “The Tortured Poets Department” may knock “reputation” from its edgy throne, though. I await in anticipation!

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