Film Review: ‘Ratter’ Starring Ashley Benson & Matt McGorry


YAH got to review the indie film Ratter at the Los Angeles Film Festival this week. Check out our review below and be sure to check out this must-see thriller!


We’re constantly connected through our phones, laptops and the Web every moment of every day. But while we look at our screens, who’s looking at us? Meet Emma, a beautiful young grad student who has just moved from the Midwest to New York, excited to be on her own in the big city. But when a stalker hacks into her devices, he destroys Emma’s illusions of privacy and she discovers just how fragile our sense of security can be. Ashley Benson stars in the groundbreaking psychological thriller that explores a world where the cameras are always on and someone’s always watching.

Ratter was an enticing film from start to finish and definitely kept me on my toes as I watched the events unfold onscreen. The film was unique in that the viewer only saw what the antagonist of the film – the creepy stalker – saw. It’s shot using the found footage technique with its own twist. Everything recorded was through the main character’s laptop/ cell phone, and that’s what the audience sees. Every frame of the film escalated to the intense ending, which left me wanting more. My only complaint is that I wanted the film to continue on and give me a more conclusive ending, though it was also pretty clear what happens even if the viewer didn’t fully see it through. Ashley Benson and Matt McGorry both did a fantastic job and displayed great chemistry together. If you are a fan of thrillers and suspense then this film is for you!